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  • ... The Punishment Due

    Wage the war on organized crime Sneak attacks, repel down the rocks Behind the lines Some people risk to employ me Some people live to destroy me Either way they die They killed my wife, and my baby With hopes to enslave ...

Tru (C Murder)

  • Eyes Of A Killa

    [C Murder]
    As I wake up and look into the motherfucking mirror
    I realize I`m staring into the eyes of a killer
    C Murder who I be TRU be my click
    My mind`s on killing but in the process I`m getting rich
    As I wa...

Vico C

  • Bomba Para Afincar

    Q la guitarra me haga un sonido hasi Seguido por el bajo Desde el caribe yo vengo directo aqui Para asegurarte q Milagro tiene bomba para afincar Vannesa tiene bomba para brincar Carmela tiene bomba para pegar Y Maria tiene bomba para gosar Y yo0o q...

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony f Souljah Boy

  • The Art of War

    * send corrections to the typist [Krayzie] (Talking) Yeah, got my niggas from St. Clair up in this muthafucka, nigga P.O.D.`d, my nigga, Sin Fin to put this shit down like this, nigga (We off to the ghetto, ghetto, ghetto...) What if we slowed it d...

mad capsule markets

  • good girl

    ------------------------------------------------ Artist: Mad Capsule Markets Track: Good Girl Album: OSC-DIS (Oscillator in Distortion) Tabbed By: Hutchy2jj72 ( ------------------------------------------------ Intro: e|-------...

New Jersey`s Finest

  • It`s All On Me

    Chorus: We can go have fun, make it back by one We can do whateva you want to do We can go to a theme park, go and have a fun mark Maybe both, do you want to? We can go to the movies, have fun with the Newbies Well be back by t...

New Kids On The Block

  • Angel

    (angel) (angel) Chorus: Angel, baby you make my dreams come true Angel, spend my whole life pleasing you Angel, baby you are the one for me Angel, come and set my lovin free Baby, you are the best thing in my life You kn...

Bounty Killer f Raekwon

  • War Face (Ask Fi War Remix)

    [Intro: Bounty Killer (Raekwon)] Well ain`t I a risin` star, lord have mercy (Yo let me get that Dutch master) Wit Bounty Killer and Raekwon (This goes for the Jamaican niggas) Lord have mercy, violent, violent, violent (New York to Jamaica yo) Never s...

Big Syke f Mac Mall

  • Be Yo Self

    Intro: [Mac Mall] Yeah though, it`s the M-A-C y`all Young M-A-C Mall yaknow what I`m sayin`? From the Five-Tre-Five crew Str8 Crestsider, (fa sure) but I`m in the house wid my niggaaa, Big Syke from Thug Lige bitch, Ya know what I`m sayin`? And it`s g...

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