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  • Но сюда ещё вернусь.

    Наконец-то снова отпуск, я должник ваш, небеса.

    Дом заброшу и работу и... куда глядят глаза,

    Утоплю в реке печали и в овраг заброшу грусть.

    Я уеду, я уеду, но сюда ещё вернусь.

    Загорятся звёз...

Charles Trenet

  • Verlaine (Chanson d`automne)

    Les sanglots longs
    Des violons
    De l`automne,
    Blessent mon coeur
    D`une langueur monotone.

    Tout suffocant
    Et blкme, quand
    Sonne l`heure,
    Je me souviens
    Des jours anciens et je pleure;


  • 6:09

    Hey babe I`d thought I`d drop you a line. I`ve got something to tell you.
    Monday I`m arriving on the 6:09, do me a favour and meet me at
    the railway station.
    I can`t wait to see ya.

Maren Ord

  • All I Want

    So what if you`re miles
    away from me
    I can`t ponder on you forever
    So what if the night
    is dreary without you
    Here to brighten up my sky

    All I want is you
    Here in my arms
    You ...

Stefan & Manuel

  • Tirol will go on

    Every night in my dreams
    I see you, I fear you
    That is how I know you Switzerland

    Far across the distance
    And Vorarlberg between us
    You have come to make your Praktikum

    Near, far, w...

Brotha Lynch Hung f D-Dub, Sicx, Tall Ca

  • Tremendous

    (*Verse 1*) Off the rossi twisted, I`m not yo average package Snatch it, too bad ya had to miss it, english keeps me lifted We can take a, one good leg to kick it My walkin til I`m crippled, talkin sick wit it Top of shiznit, til it get noted that I`m ...

Big L f Fat Joe, O.C., Remi Martin

  • The Big Picture

    [O.C.] Phenomenon O.C. [Big L] Big L, one-three-nine baby [O.C.] Diggin` In The Crates [Joe] Yeah yeah, this is Joe the God, Terror Squad reppin [ad libbed uh and yeah for 20 seconds] [O.C.] Yo, yo, yo I`m from a place where them niggaz don`t, ta...

Big Punisher f Inspectah Deck, Prodigy

  • Capital Punishment

    Wake you up and as I stare in your face you seem stunned... --> Rakim (repeat 2X) Wake you up and as I stare in your... (repeat 2X) I wake you up and as I stare in your face you seem stunned [Prodigy] Remember P, the one you got your whole style from...

Bizarre f Eminem, Fuzz

  • Attack of the Weirdos EP

    [Chorus: repeat 2X] Trife thieves we can`t be trusted Step into my clique the wrong way and get yo` motherfuckin dome busted We got cement shoes for all you damn snitches We ain`t just shootin niggaz, we buckin bitches [Bizarre] My fully loaded nine ...

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