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Busta Rhymes f Xzibit

  • Tough Guy

    [Busta Rhymes] Aiyyo it`s the immaculate conception Busta Bus himself And nuttin other than the godfather, spectacular X to the Zizzle That`s what the fuck it is, `nuff said YEAH! YEAH! YEAH! I wanna see you motherfuckers put your hands up Stretch bit...

murphey david lee

  • dust on the bottle

    ----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE-------------------------------- This file is the author`s own work and represents their interpretation of the song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research.

murphey michael martin

  • Cosmic Cowboy

    Burial grounds and merry-go-rounds
    are all the same to me
    Horses on posts and kids and ghosts
    are spirits we ought to set free.
    City slicker pickers got a lot of
    slicker licks than me
    But ridin` the range a...

murphy david lee

  • Dust On The Bottle

    Creal Williams lived down a dirt road Made homemade wine like nobody I know Dropped by one Friday night and said can you help me Creal Got a little girl waitn` on me and I wanna treat her right And he said I got what you need son ...

Авторская песня

  • Возвращение

    Я на метро до станции “АРБАТСКАЯ”
    Вечерней электричкой долечу
    Встречай меня Москва - кабацкая
    Я здесь с друзьями встретиться хочу.
    Пройдусь по СТАРОМУ АРБАТУ и по НОВОМУ
    А на Тверском в родные двери постучу<...


  • Доля воровская

    Вот какая доля воровская
    Сижу айда на тюрьме решетки
    И пишу тебе моя родная, ой мамаджан
    Вот какая доля воровская.

    Я в Тбилиси воровал не мало
    А в Батуми заложили гады
    И пишу тебе моя родная, ой мамаджа...


  • 4:30 AM

    (Anonymous) Why don`t you get the fuck back to your seat cuz I don`t like you! (Slug) Hey Spawn tell me a joke Hahahahaha Hey yo Spawn, what you doing? Hahahaha! (Slug) I sever heads just to sharpen my skills Zoom in on braids like a John Carpenter k...

murphy peter

  • Blue Heart

    How rich is your surface How much do you care Does your blue heart turn away How deep is that stare Time hints that it`s on your side Don`t think it`s there What`s past could be a teaser line Between mind and air Was it a lie Was ...

Freddy Quinn

  • 100 Mann Und Ein Befehl

    Irgendwo im fremden Land ziehen wir durch Stein und Sand. Fern von zuhaus und vogelfrei, hundert Mann, und ich bin dabei. Hundert Mann und ein Befehl und ein Weg, den keiner will. Tagein, tagaus, wer weiß wohin.

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