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  • gone south

    MULLET -GONE SOUTH This band is on the rise, so I thought I would tab their stuff because they are going to be BIG.

Dark Sanctuary

  • AnathГЁme

    [Music and Lyrics by Arkdae] Un anathГЁme est tombГ© Sur cette pauvre humanitГ© Le monde sombre dans le sommeil La lune a cachГ© le soleil Et le ciel qui se couvre Comme des bras qui s` ouvrent RГ©pandant l`obscuritГ© Sur ...

mullet factory

  • i blew my best friends head off

    Title: I Blew My Best Friend`s Head Off Band : Mullet Factory There best song so far - even though not man people have heard it. Intro + Verse 1 E:------12--13-----12--13--14--- B:--12----------12-------------- X by howver many it is.

mullins shawn

  • canyons and caverns

    Canyons and Caverns by Shawn Mullins Chords: E(022100) Esus4 (033300) B (799600) A (577600) F(244300) ...

Sears Ludwig

  • Stop Me Before I Compose Myself

    My thoughts are illegal ? this isn`t this song! STOP ME BEFORE I COMPOSE MYSELF! Don`t make me use this ? I can`t turn it off! STOP ME BEFORE I COMPOSE MYSELF! I mean, no one can be both himself -- and LIVE! STOP ME BEFORE I COMPO...


  • Love Can Change So Much

    You don`t need another Cold and sad affair Just to make you feel like Your life may head somewhere The air`s too thin for you to breathe It`s not too late if you believe CHORUS Love can change so much It can make you cry It can ma...


  • Common Mistake

    Thief what are you pawning Think I wanna buy back that which is already mine No dawning New age is just a common mistake Common mistake Common mistake yeah Common mistake View from your back addresses the fact You defeated...


  • Got Me On The Run

    * Meet you in the hallway Just like yesterday This kind of life has got me on the run ** Just to keep it quiet We go our seperate ways This kind of life has got me on the run Just as spies hide What they feel insid...


  • california

    SONG:CALIFORNIA BY: MUNKAFUST THIS BAND IS NOT KNOWN WELL YET BUT YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THIS SONG AND OTHERS OFF OF NAPSTER TABBED BY: INCUPHISH420 CHORUS: E>------------------------------- B>------------------------------- G>---------------------/9-----...

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