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Big Moe f A3, Dirty $

  • Throwedsville

    (*talking*) Ha, Southside, worldwide Know I`m tal`n bout, hold up [Hook] I just want to bang my screw, and roll in my Seville Jackers try to take my shit, so I must pack my steel Way down here in Throwedsville, you know we keep it real Run up trying t...

Lucky 7

  • Blamed

    When I try to make amends For the harmless things I`ve done to all my so called friends I change my mind and I don`t feel ashamed For all I know I`m better off this way No one wants to be the one who`s blamed I do the best I c...

Big Pokey f Billy Cook

  • Throwed-N-Da Game

    (Billy Cook) Oooooh-oooh, Iiiiiiiiii`m so throwed, in the game In the two triple O, Po-Yo, Billy G, aaaaaaaay [Hook: Billy Cook - 2x] I`m so thoed in the game All the haters wanna know my name I`m pushing weight, to leveling the game Open up your eyes...

Fred Hammond

  • A Song of Strength

    Hold on and wait just a little while Hold on and wait just a little while He`ll bring a song of strength Hold on and wait just a little while, little while (Verse 1) What do you do When the life you`ve planned is scattered What d...

Евгения Голосовская

  • Ах, оставьте Ваши басни...

    Евгения Голосовская

    Ах, оставьте Ваши басни,

    Что сгораете от страсти.

    Человека безучастней

    Не видала до сих пор

    Ни к моим ногам, ни к шуткам.

    Не пове...

Billy Sawn

  • Everything`s The Same (ain`t Nothing Cha

    You went away and left me `cause you thought you could hurt me But I`ve got news for you; I`m still strong and your are wrong To think you`d leave and I`d turn blue; Everything`s the same there ain`t nothin` changed; The sun stil...


  • Freestyle`s Galore (Fuck Em`)

    This one goes out to my niggas BOUNCE RIDE. If you aint down
    don`t try to hide everywhere we go there`s a hater around I think
    we need to get that radar system and gun them down.


  • Antonio Carlos Jobim

    Why are you here? Couldnt you tell him? Were you afraid hed hear? You should have been thankful to be alone You took off your shoes Said anything further would be bad news Cos youd already started to disappear And he cou...

Stefan Nicoletti

  • Ich bin Pratter aus der Oeverseeschule in Graz!

    Ich stehe voll auf die Sitzwohl, und bin sehr geil auf DICH!
    Komm zu mir in`s Bett und wir ficken! Lallallaaa Lallalalla.
    Ich bin Pratter mit 154 kg und habe einen Schwanz oh geht die nix an!


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