Stupid Girl — текст песни (screeching weasel)

stupid girl i`ve had enough of all of
your whining
stupid girl i`ve heard enough of all of
your crying
don`t scream at me and get all mad
he`s the one who treats you oh so bad
stupid girl i understand that novody
understands you
stpuid girl just make lemonade from the
lemons he always hands you
why do you have to walk away
listen to these words i gotta say
stpuid girl you brought this on yourself
so shut your mouth
my little stupid girl
stupid girl you`re stuck in a rut start
clearing your head out
stupid girl you better wise up and tell
him to get out
when are you finally gonna see
you`re so much better off with me
stupid girl you are the one
you are the only girl for me

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