Turn Back Time — текст песни (Shawn Lov)

[Shawn Lov]
What would you do if you could turn back time?
If I could turn back time...

If I could turn back time I`d draw a firm black line
Between me and you, draw up a plan and execute it
You want to battle me, then bet your pub on it
I`ll buy your whack album just so I can fuckin` dub on it
Then ask you what you do if you could turn back the clock
Would you go to drastic measures just to earn back your spot?
I burn rappers like lighter fluid
No respect, the leeway for the new kid
I break it down, so(?) your verbals too low
And now you need to work on your acoustics
Who`s your manager, where`s your single, who choosed it?
You must`ve had him on the payroll
That will never happen like Nicolas Cage with a gun playin in a gay role
If you turn back time, would you erase your name?
And put a life of clarity and truth in place of fame?
Would you drop the ice grill?(?)
Apologize to me for flexin` on me and admit that hiphop wasn`t your right field
You should of tried accounting, so you could count the times
That I rolled up on your weak set, smoked you and your rhymes
Honestly, I don`t have a gun, but I`m dumb
Dumb enough to walk up to someone who has one and call him son
Dumb enough to go to 1992
And tell Big Daddy Kane and Kool G. Rap that they was through, wouldn`t you?
If I could turn back time I`d cop a hot one
Roll it in a cuban, find Bob Marley, and blow his ass a shotgun
Then I`d go to `83 before Run DMC exploded
Drop Sucker MCs and tell the world that I wrote it
Go to `91, I`d find Meth, challenge him
May the rapper who takes the most hits off this chalice win
And just in time I`d make the segment worse
I`d find Lauryn Hill when she was only 17 and get her pregnant first
I`d stick up EPMD at gunpoint
Tell him both his solo careers won`t work, don`t even bother droppin one joint
I`d go to `93 and find Puff Daddy`s place
Steal all his 80`s records and shoot him in the face
Then I`d find Biggie Smalls, sit him down, and say I gotta warn ya
Whatever you do, keep your big black ass outta California
When I`m done, I`ll hop in my car, go to Compton
Stop at Easy E`s and drop him off a box of condoms
Look for Suge Knight`s whip, unlock the door
So I could take the bullet for Tupac Shakur
If could turn back the hands of time I`d beg God please
Make me black so I could buy the new CD by the Fugees
I`d beat up Ricky Ricardo, fuck Lucy
Walk into the nearest go-go bar
And then I`d shoplift the pootie(?)
I`d tell Marilyn Monroe she was a hoochie
Find Bel Biv DeVoe so I could make a cameo in a video for Doomy
I`d look for OJ Simpson, buy a camera, tail him
Video tape him murderin` Nicole then blackmail him
Make my girl take a broom to the Witch Trials in Salem
Be Bill Clinton`s 12th grade teacher just so I could fail him
Then I`d rape Anita Hill
Tell her calm down, I`m not Long Dong Silver
My penis` name is Peter CHILL!
If I could turn back time I`d be a Backstreet Boy
And my rhymes shifted gears
Gettin head from Britney Spears for fifty years
If I could turn back the clock I`d be bleedin` with papes
With every chick from En Vogue feedin` me grapes
Defendin` my castle without the hint of a hassle
Buttfuckin` up emcees till the stage smells like somebody`s asshole
If I could press rewind I`d go to 1969
Find Janice Joplin, Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix
Take `em to a rave and feed `em thirty hits of ecstacy a piece
And they be like Damn Shawn Lov, this is some next shit
I`d fight cancer and AIDS with my bare hands
Bring nuclear weapons to the Native Americans so they could fight for their land
I`d stick Joan of Arc in the shitter
Bring Cannibus to an open mic night in the 1940`s so he could battle Hitler
I`d stick JFK and Malcolm X in a spacepod
Like y`all better get outta Dodge and worry later about your race god
Find Michael Jackson, beg his pardon
Forget pop music, did you ever consider teachin` kindergarden?
I`d smash racism and hate, take Audrey Hepburn on a date
Go to the spot where I was born and show up late
If I could go back, I`d be a rockstar
Cuttin` silence with a razorblade and smokin` with rockjaw
In a locked car, go to a gay community and open up a cock bar
Go to highschool with Bill Gates and tell him, Try crack, it feels great
I`d go to `85 and bring Windows 98
Look for Helen Keller and ask her ass out on a blind date
You know what I`m sayin`? If I could turn back time...

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