All I Ever — текст песни (Ms. Dynamite)

[Verse One]
When I`m with you I only feel completness
I can feel taste on my lips
It`s so hard to conceal the weakness caused by your fingertips
If I told you just how deep my lovin` really goes for you
And that you got all my trust
If you knew tell me what would you do?

All I ever wanna do is love you
That`s why I take the time to make it special
Night after night
Night after night
Everything I have is yours only yours
Bothing ever touched my soul like this before
Feels so right
Feels so right

[Verse Two]
Now if I told you that you`re worth the world and all it`s love to me
If I told you that I wanna birth a family with you some day
If I told you that I wanna grow old together what would you say?
If I was to let you know I wanna see forever with you
Would you run away?

[Repeat Chorus]

If I told you I wanna be your drive
Your strength and courage when your weak
I send my angels out every night to protect you from the street
If you knew I`d sacrafice almost everything to keep you happy
Would you let me love you for life
It`s all I want It`s all I need

[Repeat Chorus Till Fade]

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