Can I Eat It? — текст песни (DJ Quik)

[DJ Quik] + (Voice Box)
A ha ha you don`t understand me goddammit (I don`t wanna eat it)
A ha ha ha nah baby I aint wit` it (don`t wanna eat it)
I can`t do nothing for you on that tip girl (I don`t wanna eat it)
So you can keep that salmon sandwhich to yo` self (don`t wanna eat it)
Well I kick it for my niggas...

[Verse 1]
Getting right back back to the nigga named Q
Telling my homies be careful o` the things that you do
Cuz I went out, assed out
I shoulda never tripped and put my lips in between hips
But I used to eat that thang that didn`t sit on a plate
Didn`t taste like stank I up and left about 8
But I had to build her make for the fact that I was young
I was showing to prove the hoochies I could work they pearl tounge
But then game got kilt
Cuz the girl kept pushin` my head all up under the quilt
And I was like damn, you must be sick
You mean you`d rather have a tongue
instead of a pair o` nuts and a stick (You goddamn right)
And every single night, I lick it till my tounge turn white
I thought I was a freak till I heard my homies brag
(Eating that coochie make you grow a mustache)Ya!
So I took that advice and right before I hit it
I took baby monkey lift it up and I bit it
Yeah homeboy I had the coochie in check
But then I got this real bad cramp in my neck
Now my back got so`
But this little ho kept a humping in my face like we was on the dance flo`
But thats what I get for having Susie Q for dinner
Got stuck in her creamy pink center
Help me

Chorus: (Voice Box)
(don`t eat the coochie) You gotta hear me tho`
(don` the coochie)
(don` the coochie) A he he you think its a joke huh girl?
(don` the coochie)

[Verse 2]
Well my nigga, you ought to save yo` self some grief
If it ain`t worth havin` a little hair in ya` teeth (don`t fuck with it!)
Ya cuz you`ll come up sho`t
With a full pair o` nuts and a lump in ya throat
Cuz even though shes screamin
She don`t want ya semen
She just want a tooounge to keep her ass creamin`
But Im`a let her know baby doll I can`t do it
Not in here and fuck cuz all coochie got a taste to it
See I don`t know who been digging you out
And licking ya down
I aint the first girl so I can`t clown
But instead Im`a tell you how its done
You gotta tell a ho 68 and I owe you 1
Cuz if you don`t then she`ll play you like a sucka
Have you lickin on a lollipop......{dumb motherf.....}Ya
But it aint no trippin on mine {Why is that?}
Cuz tounge condoms are hard to find {Yeeeah}
And even if ya dicks protected
You can still catch the high by doing a nose dive
So be cautious and don`t be anxious
Even though you never could now you wanna catch ST-Statures
(Now you wanna catch ST-Statures)
But niggas still put they nuts in a frier
Then they get burnt and they wanna fight fire with fire
And then a bitch back
But the song that don`t bare back
And please don`t eat the coochie

Chorus: (Voice Box)
(don` the coochie) Yeah.
(don` the coochie) You better hear me baby.
(don` the coochie) I can`t do it girl
(don` the coochie)

[Verse 3]
So now ya know
Aint nothin` fly bout` the pearl tounge lickin`
And be real safe with the girls your stickin`
Cuz if ya` bare back way back in the day
Then you could be on your wayyyy out! (On your wayyy out!)
And it don`t get no brighter
When youre walking round with a tounge like a lighter
Bic (Bic) flick sparkin` often
Sittin in the middle o` the clinic coughin`
Hurt by the die hard bare back feelin`
They got shook like kids from a sinnin`
Dwellin` all in your system
Killin` ya slooow
A real jacked up way to go
So next time you get a fi-fi in ya bed
Make sure you gots you a helmet for the head
Have her wash up if the ho is a hoochie
And keep your mouth away from that coochie

Chorus: (Voice Box)
(don` the coochie) Repeat 7X
You gotta hear me baby
I`m tellin` you
Do you feel me?
You gotta hear me girl
Nah I can`t do it
I can come close though
I might lick ya bellybutton and shit
And we up outta here

(Oh Yeah....Oh Yeah....Oh Yeah....Oh Yeah) - Repeat 4X
(I don`t want..I don`t want to eat it) - Repeat 2X
(I-I-I-I-I don`t wanna eat it) - Repeat 4X
(Don`t Eat The Coochie)

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