Caught Up — текст песни (Ol` Dirty Bastard)

(feat. Mack 10, Royal Flush)

[Chorus: sample]
Some people get caught up
Some try and get rolled up
Some people... [x9]

[Ol` Dirty Bastard]
Ol` Dirty kickin` your ass..
The things that you learnt in class is trash
You can`t do nothin` wit` it, I put you in the past
You broken motherfuckers, shut the fuck up
I do it `til you bad luck and head gets plucked
The only thing on your brain is to give me this cash
Stay out of my business `cause I`m takin` your tash
This struggle on the ming, non of y`all bring
I got y`all in.. flavouring

[Chorus x2]

[Mack 10]
I seem to fuck about a bitch or a crooked ass cop
I`m a burst that, it`s dealin`, the hustle don`t stop
I got stones and hairone, ecstasy and weed
Meth, imphetamine, sherm, sticks and speed
Pay it high wid, dope is all I got to give
I`m a ghetto nigga dog so I get it how I live
Got money, lock `em off, fuckers still I got drama
Got two strike dog and five baby mamas
With new strain I maintain, I`m ready and willin`
to keep change on niggas brains to keep the blood spillin`
I hate it but it ain`t complicated, it`s real simple
Fuck with me and know you get a hole in your temple
I ain`t gonna play you niggas, I`ma slay you niggas
Don`t take but a few figures and a few new triggers
Mack 10 livin` legend, every West coast rhymin`
Straight hoo bangin` gangsta and all rhymin` sodom, it`s bad

[Chorus x2]

[Royal Flush]
Shut up, let me talk for a minute, alot of bull shit on my mind
Dealin` with crime, alot of y`all dealin` wid rhymes
Stuck on the grind, crackheads cookin` my pies
Startin` off on the 1-2-5, the block`s mine
Bucket the spine, DH tryna tap my line
Stop my producitons, wanna know my money discussions
Who I roll wid, "buy so many cars is he legitin` of my dick"
It didn`t matter when I ain`t have shit
They done watch me in helicopters, parklin` in my crib
All I wanna feed is my kids, no time to do a bid
Feel me, I forced the whole guns a while for my ones
Didn`t sell drugs, where the money come from?
No school, no job, no bitch, no food, fuck that
Do what I do to make my shit true
And I make it hard on them boys who blew they cats charges
If I go to jail you know I`m blowin` on the Sergeants

[Chorus x5]

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