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Date: Tue, 27 Jan 1998 13:32:09 -0500 (EST)
From: WlfmnsBro5
Subject: TAB: Limb_by_Limb, by PHISH

* As played at the Great Went and numerous other live
Performances by PHISH.
Transcription By: Dave Anderson

Limb By Limb--

Intro: Hendrix Style
C DC C F C F Gm7 F
ho po ho po ho po

Intro played 3 times but the 3rd time through it is cut
short at the fisrt F and the main theme begins shown

Intro is played once instumental and then these lyrics
are sung.
C D F Fm7 F
The shoulder I lean on is carved out of stone
Whem I`m done freezing I want to be alone

F Fsus4
*Play apropriate rhythm*

VERSE: (F > Fsus4)

Never want my hand cut off
Never want a hacking cough
Never needed cliffs(?) I push
Never turn my brain to mush
Always keeping what I lack
Always take the best parts back
Always recognize your face
Always just a moment late
Left is where I always turn
Left is how I`m forced to learn(?)
Left is where my walking takes
Left alone with my mistakes
Up against a person you...
Up `till now I never knew
Up from hell the answer blew
Up or down it`s up to you

Chorus (slower)
C D F Fsus4 (F to Fsus4 main theme rhythm)
Drop me off a chinese wok(?)
And peel my fingers off the rim
Come unglued while in mid air
And land to reform
Limb by limb <>

Chanted: Limb by limb by limb by limb (Mike and Fish)
Sung: And I am am taken far away (Page)

Finger is slowly melting away
Tossed with a salad and bailed with the hay
Pooling like water that drips from above
Trampled by lambs and pecked by the dove
Silence is slowly smothering me
Nothing I touch and nothing I see
Posseses a pulse so it`s fit to be seen
If I am a drone then where is my queen
Lingering, slowly melting away

*above lines repeated randomly*

ho = Hammer on
po = Pull off
That`s it! Let me know what ya think

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