Of All Da Hustlers — текст песни (Prime Suspects f C-Murder)

[C-Murder talking]
Yeah nigga C-Murder in this muthafucka aka Bossalinie
Representin` wit my muthafuckin` niggas Prime Suspects
Glock, Uzi, New-9, huh, tellin` this muthafuckas about tha game
How a nigga chose coke, got locked up, went to tha muthafuckin` pen
Got out & balled nigga, straight muthafuckin` ball til we fall
Ya heard me, nigga peep game ya heard me, representin`

[Chorus: New-9 & C-Murder]
Outta all tha hustles in tha world, I chose coke
Caught a joce, locked up an I`m missin` my folks
free a soldier, Lord knows my pain burns deep
I`mma ball if I can touch them streets

When I touch tha streets nigga, I`mma act a fool
I`m known for totin` semi automatic tools
I smoke joes on tha porch wit them O-G`s
They taught me how to turn coke to mo` cheese
An when a nigga locked up, he keep his mouth shut
Cause a snitch get his muthafuckin` box cut
An that`s tha code of tha street life
I tell a wanna be niggas get they muthafuckin` mind right
Cause all tha ballers & shot callers is targets
they runnin` from jackers, & crooked cops, & other drug lords
An I ain`t dyin` on tha street like a dog
I get `em fo` he get me, I ain`t runnin`, I`m killin` all of yall
Cause TRU muthafuckin` G`s gonna rise
I label him a bitch nigga, by tha fake look in his eyes
How many thugs wanna ride wit me
Cause I`mma ball til` I muthafuckin` fall when I touch tha street


Fucked up, caught a case gotta learn about life
Cause tha judge heart hurtin`, daughter smokin` tha pipe
Life in human hands, prosecutor paintin` an ugly picture
Off tha top Prime Suspects guilty til proven innocent
State appointed lawyer in my ear talkin` ten
Take it now or your headed for plenty time my friend
15 to 30 if ya take it to trail
An tha D-A ain`t lost in that section in a while
A rock in a hard place, smack dead in my face
On tha other side of tha game, were them people ain`t playin`
It`s rough fuckin` round wit these man made laws
But tha junkie boys had me makin` plenty paper
Now I`m sick wit a jones for that rotten ass world
Touch down today or tommorrow, find me slangin` that girl
But I`m sick like a vick chasin` after that high
See the red in my eyes, I`m feelin` like I`mma die


Of all tha hustles in tha world I chose tha coke game
Packin` gats & sellin` crack was an everday thang
2 & a quarter they turn to 4 & half an now I sang slabs
Perhaps I can grab what I can grab & never dibble & dab
Half steppin` wit some fake niggas that just wasn`t in me
Weed, coke, dope, & money, shit I gotta have plenty
Forgive me for my sins Lord, even though I know it`s a shame
But I`m caught up in these worly thangs
An if you don`t, then ya considered lame
So I`m splittin` brains & caine, play it like nothin` I had to prove
I choose to do it for profit, cause if I don`t, then I lose
Uzi & Glock livin` witness to tha shit that Milli than did
Fuck a job so I rob & if it come I caught a bid
To many broad, H-O-D, hand on smoke, missin` my folks
But I ain`t trippin`, back at home was a house full of coke
Soon as my feet touch down I gotta get me some heat
Shit, Lord knows this time I`mma ball when I hit tha streets


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