Destiny (Outro) — текст песни (Ja Rule)

[Ja Rule]
yea, yo - yo - yo - YO! - (yo) - Holla (Holla)
The Last Temptation, we comin` through now niggaz
s`the problem?, (the problem?) s`the problem?, (the problem?)
Always has been, hahaha, yo partna (yo partna)
Turn me up this bitch up in my mothafuckin` headphones and shit
C`mon, well let these niggaz know, (niggaz know)
Let it known...muh`afuckas y`all want war wit` the GOD
C`mon y`all know better, I put holes in ya leather
Reknit your sweater, and I bet the flows wetter
Then ocean front property - better come at me properly
Niggaz better off poppin` me - but I believe
Y`all scared to clap them hammers
In the fact I`m unpredictable, gives me the advantage
What the fuck, am I`m speaking spanish niggaz
What I got ta tell y`all in detail how we murder niggaz
Handle ya buisness, Tha Inc. is religious
Murder`s the sacrifice, throwing M`s niggaz
That means Murda fa` life, and I`ll die for that red and black
That house wit` tha chedda stack, wit` smiles in my kids face
What could replace this, this lil` nigga here
The coming to grips with death, to taste it
My airs thick and filled with hatred
Surprise of that look in my eyes, but don`t be
I`m just following the foots of the Lord, then thank me
If I go crazily insane, I`ma blame it on the world
Look what I became, `cause they ain`t give me all the
fame and the money mayne, made me an I-con
So the world can catch a nigga with his lights on
That`s the pros and con, ya never quite free
So just gimme a lil` room so I can breathe
And my pain goin` be the death of me
But to be loved is my destiny, my black people...
Yea (yea) - we out (we out) Holla (Holla - Holla - Holla)

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