Fight The Power — текст песни (bis)

Up on the mountain

Ill be counting

...days til we meet again

Get my revenge

Well never be friends

...ill keep building up my brain

Just watch your back

For my next attack never know when Ill strike

Could be today

Dont get in my way

...youll see what youll never like

Ive got the brain

Im insane

(you cant stop the power)

See you in pain

Yet again

(you wont stop the power)

Fight the power!

Im your creator

And your enslaver

...i can destroy you all

Youve got the brainpower

Of a sunflower

...get ready for a fall

Ill find a way

To spoil your day

...ill stop you from doing good

Ill take you out

Its no use to shout break you, you know I would

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