Its Crying Time — текст песни (Ultra Nate)

I was your girl

I was your baby


I was forever

For worse or for better


Told you my secrets

And all of my fears

You let me

Gave me your love

And said it was real

A fantasy

Pre chorus

Something so good

Should last forever

How could you lie

So carefully

Falling apart

Will I recover

Lying alone

I sit and wonder

For now


Its crying time

Love is gone

I still need you

I gave you all my heart

You took the best

And threw the rest away

Shame on you boy

You should of known better

You didnt care

The joke is on me

But I am not laughing

Just sit and stare


Like a knight in shining armor

An illusion

Playing a role

And now the shows over

Im broken

Pre chorus


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