Get The Time — текст песни (descendents)

When I get the time
I`d like to sit down
and write a little rhyme for you
Just a couple few
I`d tell you what you mean to me

When I get the time
I`d put it all down
And pick you up
I`d say throw it all away
The world is me and you tonight

Will there come a day
With nothing standing in my way
Loving that dream
Within your arms
Well I`ll make it happen some day

When I get the time

I look in your eyes
Warm places inside
I`ve never been before
I gotta find some more
I know you don`t owe me anything

When I get the time
When I get the guts
To live my life for me
And do what I want to do
I`d be the friend that you said you once knew

Will there come a day
When we give up and turn away
And I`d have nothing left
Nothing left except
I`d have all the time in the world

Time to remember
Look through the window
And time to cry
Time to cry
I gotta get the time

Where can I find the time?

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