The Prom Song — текст песни (Depswa)

They`re more than just words,

They`re colors,

To paint my feelings for you.

and i know how,

that there`s no way to show you,

Just how much i care.

And i feel it oh so deep within me,

and i know that there`s so much left to share.

All the times you`re away,

Feels just like eternity.

As the moments that we had,

had to end.


The strokes of the brush,

Brings me Closer to your touch.

Through the hues well find a way,

To follow, I know we will.


And the Colors are so Vibrant,

Like the sun on the ocean,

and the hues they will change from day to day.

But i know that, That the picture of love would last forever.

On this Canvas of our lives that we create.

(And our love will last forever)

And i know that always

i saw to try to display

just how precious that you are to the world.

Cause i know with just a touch,

you can show me oh so much,

that there`s more to this life,

Than what we see



Colors may fade,

Turning vibrant to grey,

But one things unchanged,

the picture is still the same.

And through the days and nights the vision lives on forever,

And through a masterpiece of love me made together,

We`ve given all we can,

I know the world will understand,

The picture is of you, and me.


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