Brad and Suzy — текст песни (Jude)

Brad and Suzy lived in a movie
Cardboard cutout superheroes and
Paragons on barstools
She was a professional teller machine user
He was your basic beautiful loser
They had no worries all they ever had was cool
And I wish that I was Brad and Suzy, I really do
I wish that I was stuck on someone
I wish that I was half of a two
I wish that we were like that baby
I wish sometimes you`d love and hate me


The Sigma Chis imbibed, decried
And tried to pry him from his
Little Delta Tri-Omega Chi Fi Mu Hoddi Toddi A-D-Pi and Theta
But she wouldn`t let them

`Cause her heart was as big as the world
And she was his first loving girl
And he swore he`d stand by her forever
And late at night, drunk on wine
They`d fall in bed and intertwine
And they`d make love then like nobody never
And I wish that I was Brad or Suzy

I wish that I was Brad or Suzy
I wish that I was in a movie

Brad and Suzy finally took off for the Florida Keys
The better to exercise their collections of clothing by J. Crew
Convertible rabbit a cooler and some coozies
And six years of college course credit they`ll probably never use
But I wish that I was Brad or Suzy, I really do


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