Mind Over Matter — текст песни (Oomph!)

Now you`re gone I fear
but somehow you`re still here
you did not want to hear
but now I do not want to remember
did not know my name but liked
to play this game and then
you fan the flame `cause then
I saw your eyes made of amber
stop that noiz!
you were so afraid
you looked like Sharon Tate
I think it was your fate
but no! I do not want to remember
then you broke the spell cried `help me -
i`m in hell` it was your final yell
`cause then I shut the door of your chamber...
do you feel the knife when I thrill you?
do you feel alive when I kill you?
fuck me - mind over matter
I knew from the start that you would break my
and then I fell apart but now I do not dare to remember
now you hold my hand say
`now I understand why death is not the
end` and now we feel the cold of december...

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