Its Not a Game — текст песни (Noreaga)


This aint no game man

A lot of people look from the outside from in

Thinking that its easy man

You know what Im saying, not realizing we work too

You know what I mean, we working everyday hard

Getting our hands dirty just like yall

But yall think yall better


Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo

I pledge allegiance to money, weed, jewels, hoes, and big guns

While you dealing in crumbs and stacking funds

Squeezing the ones, so jealous sons have em speaking in tongues

Headed for these slums, screaming at the top they lungs

Bitch made cats, find em wherever you at

Your man in you face will stab you in the back

Lifes a bitch, so rub up and fuck it

You live your life, you gotta love it

Six double o, used to whip a bucket

Left the strip cause niggaz like five seven tips

Hood of lose lips, iced my necklace to my wrists

Long with the stones on my fists

Niggaz hating me, cause I got chips

Left the hood rich

Nutin but diamond dis, head from a bitch

In the back of a thugged out whip

Why not shit

Devilish, your crabs aint shit

Mad at this, certain gentle wrist

(chorus: maze)

Its not a game nigga

Me move in and move out

Most niggaz try to follow the route

But they cant see what we see

Thugged out like wherever we be

M-a-z-e, n.o.r.e., musolini


Now thats that shit that Im talking about and shit

Same niggaz that you fucking wit

Fucking wit them cats that you dont fuck wit

Whatcha supposed to do?

Both of them are part of the crew

Cant choose side (true)

I dont know, I dont like to go that road

If thats your click, I suggest that you stay wit them yo

While say break up to make up

I say stick together God until yall cake up

Bitches meet me at the crown plaza

On they period, it dont matter

Im in the head something serious

It aint a game god, yo it never was

I get super high, while yall niggaz get a buzz

My associates that I use to sit and chill wit

Now its only family I like to deal wit

That I like to build wit

Get high, hold steal wit

So lets do this, all my niggaz run through this



The money attitudes the cay in

To many snakes in the way

A getting paid playing laid-back on my days in

I want to enter fortune but which way in

Wit out getting lost in a storm

My pen pages reflect maze

Why steps from his h on, shades beyond the grave

Golden braids hang from my physical

Bitched scare me

Move mystical enchanting branson weed at me

Im like fan of b

Vanish from the scene in a blur

But barely seen, clearly heard in my action

And act civil, my palm sizzle from the heat in my hand

Were in your land like a hard drizzle

To reach my pinnacle is minimal

Sinister style, thugged out, nigga sending you foul


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