Undo — текст песни (The Church)

God it`s so high, God it`s so high
Why don`t I fly, why don`t I fly
Don`t say goodbye, don`t say goodbye
Elegant god, elegant sigh
Why don`t you try, little advice
Don`t say goodbye, don`t say goodbye
Just you and I, just you and I
Sweeter than pie, down in Bondi
Don`t say goodbye, don`t say goodbye

Summer seaside town in motion
Holiday girl down by the ocean
Evenings are warm, just before the storm
You don`t understand that it`s all in your hands
And the graphs and the charts are pulling us further apart

Eight floors/ace stores [3:57, 5:50, 7:35] with their CDs online
Crashing in our field, wasting our time
And I don`t care a bit of a fiddle-de-dee
What the phantom power is doing to me
It`s tracking in the black, such audacity
We`re not going back and that`s that and that`s all it can be
Lionized cats with their mirrors intact
Clawing our sides, tearing our back
I never took a potshot at a wounded beast
But I guess you never really met the deceased
I told all your enemies to come to the feast
If it comes to the crunch we`ll do lunch with the bunch from the east

Cultures holding at the rockets controls
Slippery and when ready like this great country scrolls
If you`re fucking with your enemies, you`re killing your friends
This is where your reign of terror/pleasure ends
I know you`ll understand that`s a message he sends
But it`s bad and it`s sad and it`s mad and I`ve had to give a dent

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