How Much I Love You — текст песни (The Charlie Daniels Band)

Lady it`s just your style the way you close your eyes and smile
When I hold you close and kiss you
The way you touch my hand, you always seem to understand
And when you`re gone how much I miss you
Just being with you makes me high
That lovin` look that`s in your eyes
Makes me stop and realize
How very much I love you
The special little things you do every morning waking up with you
Makes me want to live forever
We`ll take whatever comes our way
If it`s sunshine or rainy days,
Just as long as we`re together
Thanks for being my best friend
Even if the world should end
And know you always can depend on
How very much I love you
I can`t count the times I depended on you
You`re all that keeps me in control
You are the melody heavenly sent for me
You are the music of my soul
Every night I close my eyes, turn my face up toward the sky
And thank the good Lord that I found you
I know that there could never be, anybody else for me
An I just want to make you see how very much I love you

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