Carolina (I Remember You) — текст песни (The Charlie Daniels Band)

Charlie Daniels, Tom Crain, Taz DiGregorio, Fred Edwards, Charlie
Hayward and Jim Marshall

One of the memories that stays on my mind
about an old southern lady that I left behind
is a ramshackle bridge where the deep river winds
and an old two-lane blacktop through the tall long-leaf pines

Carolina, Carolina
You`re hard but you`re hard to forget

I still remember the magnolia nights
and goosefeather snow in the gray morning light
sandspurs and puppies and red autumn leaves
and the warm lights in the clear night on a cold Christmas Eve

Carolina I knew you
before the highways got to you
and I loved you as one of your own
and I still do

В© 1980 Music Corporation of America
All rights reserved international copyright secured
Made in USA

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