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Sean Lennon

  • Asian Flowers

    (motoharu sano) Asian flowers of all asia Lets arrange beautiful flowers Asian flowers of all asia Lets find beautiful dreams Asian flowers sleeping in twilight Lets dance for the new moon Asian flowers swaying at the s...


  • Acid Years

    While being down for all them acid years I`m spoiled but unafflicted by TV I`m gonna wait some more I`m gonna wait some more I`ll bring you down so unefficiently For who am I supposed to be In your play - reverse Then you`ll hea...

Beanie Sigel f Freeway, Jay-Z, Lil Chris

  • The Reason

    [Chorus: Saint Nick] Think it`s a game `til them thangs come out I bang out `til your brains hang out.. .. cause you`re fuckin with a gangsta nigga, a gangsta nigga Think it`s a game `til them thangs come out I bang out `til your brains hang out.. ..

Jim Croce

  • Age

    Ive been up and down and around and round and back again Ive been so many places I cant remember where or when And my only boss was the clock on the wall and my only friend Never really was a friend at all Ive traded love fo...

Олег Шимуда

  • Вальс-посвящение другу

    Олег Шимуда

    Мокрым бархатом лепесток

    Катится боком, срываясь в юз.

    Кто-то кричит: Мне б свободы глоток!

    Я же свободой захлебываюсь.

    Я утону - мой спасательный кр...


  • Ich Vermiss Dich

    Ich bin nicht Shakespeare oder Einstein Bin nicht Picasso oder Bach Doch eins kannst du mir glauben Ich vermiss dich jede Nacht Was hab ich nur mit uns gemacht Warum bist du nicht bei mir Hab mich selbst um den Verstand gebracht ...


  • red sky

    From: Thomas W. Bajzek Here are the riffs and solo, you can figure out the words. Notation: s slide h hammer p pull off b bend (n) note bent to tr trill Intro: With wah set near the middle.


Dark Lunacy

  • Cold Embrace

    Missin` You Wish for your Cold Embrace The Shadow` S Takin` All My Days The Blacklands` Cleaving All My Visions Help Me To.... My End Take Me `Till...

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