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  • Бумажный змей

    Стихи Ю.Самохина

    | Em7 A7 D7+ H7 | Em7 A7 D7+ | 2 F#7

    Во дворе народ гуляет, Em7 Em6

    Мальчик змея...

Burton Cummings

  • My Own Way to Rock

    There are errors in the lyrics you have on your site for this song.
    Here are the correct words, as sung.
    You also have the title as “My Own Way Back”!


    Jim Kenzie - another Canadian (like Burton...)

alice hawera

  • Help me

    Sitting inside my head not knowing what to think My insides are bleeding they are flowing into sink Wait a little longer I should wait for something to come along But there is nothing for my emptyness to stumble upon Come o...

Bubba Sparxxx f Backbone, Sleepy Brown

  • All the Same

    [Hook - Sleepy Brown (Bubba)] A fifth of Beam when you celebrate (That`s white thangs) Poppin five, didn`t hesitate (That`s white thangs) Sippin Henn, swervin wood grain (That`s black thangs) But to me, it`s just all the same (It`s all the same) [Bub...

Franois Claude

  • Donna Donna (vf)

    Paroles : Claude Franois et Vline Buggy 1 Il tait un` fois un petit garon Qui vivait dans une grand` maison Sa vie n`tait plus que joie et bonheur Et pourtant au fond de son coeur Il voulait devenir grand, Rvait d`tre un homme Cha...

Franz Ferdinand

  • A Note From The Moderator

    When sending me corrected lyrics please only
    include the part of the lyrics that are wrong not
    the whole song.


    Franz Mod!


Hombres G

  • 2000 Kilometros

    Cuando cae la noche...
    Sй que voy a ser
    El hombre que despertarб
    Junto a ti al amanecer...

    Ando por la calle...

Franz Josef Degenhardt

  • Deutscher Sonntag

    Sonntags in der kleinen Stadt, sonntags in der kleinen Stadt. 1. Wenn die Spinne Langeweile Fäden spinnt und ohne Eile giftig-grau die Wand hochkriecht, wenns blank und frisch gebadet riecht, dann bringt mich keiner auf die ...

mr bungle

  • backstrokin

    -------------------- Artist: Mr Bungle Album: Disco Volante Song: Backstrokin` -------------------- Ok all you puss-sucking muthafuckers out there...

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