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Rockell and Collage

  • Boyfriend Girlfriend

    I know that u belong to my best friend but my love for u will never end and my love for u could never end do u ever feel me in the night,even when she thinks everything`s alright but nothing`s alright now i want u,do u want m...

Beastie Boys f Cypress Hill

Константин Бельчанский

  • Архыз

    Константин Бельчанский

    Em Em+3 Em+2 Em Em+3 Em+2

    Архыз - это солнце, Архыз - это пихты

    Am ...

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Pressure 4-5

  • Beat The World

    Try to use a better piece of your mind
    But you`re inside out
    And the whole world`s there to see you
    Does it make you want to think
    About the tragic things in this life
    If you want to cry
    It`s hard to deny

Scout 7

  • Living This Lie

    (Written By Stefanie Galen) Don`t You know I know, where you go out at night don`t you know that`s why I always put up a fight.


  • I Fell In Love

    1 - I fell in love, gave you my heart You turned your back, and walked out on me I once was blind, but now I see And I`m so glad you set me free Repeat 1 You used to be mine Set me free, set me free, set me free Free, free, fre...

Scream Silence

  • Breathless

    i would you embrace my dearest type but i have to flee save myself and hide got lost in my minds what happens last time but i can`t breathe without you - my life but i can`t breathe like an disliked child don`t want be wounded d...

Beanie Sigel f Memphis Bleek

  • So What You Sayin`

    (Chorus) Scratching w/ Background voice [Beanie Sigel] Aiyyo Memph what`s wrong with these niggas man? These niggas ain`t sayin shit man These niggas on mute man I`ma make you blind motherfuckers feel some real Aiyyo the guc is here dog I`m back to w...

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