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  • 7 jam

    Song Title: 7 Jam Artist: Clutch ---------------------------------------------- Main riff: h=hammer-on G------------------------------------------------------------------- D--------5-----------5h-7--5---------------------------------------- A--5h-7---...


  • The Hop

    Let`s go! Gonna do it like this, gonna` do it like this. Now I don`t know, but I`ve been told, that this party is gettin` cold, that`s why I got a new dance just for you.

Kent Robbins

  • Every Light In The House

    I told you I`d leave a light on In case you ever wanted to come back home You smiled and said you appreciate the gesture I took your every word to heart `Cause I can`t stand us being apart And just to show how much I really miss y...


  • 10 Minuter (fr Mig Sjlv)

    Tnk om vi skulle vakna utan lppar med hela munnen fylld av jord bakom tungan inga ord Tnk om jag skulle vakna, vara farlig med hela munnen fylld av blod Jag bet min tunga nr du log Allt jag ville sga glmde jag ikvll Allt jag ville...


  • A little more time

    All I need to Is to find out if I steel rely want to Continue I don’t know if it’s to late But I think it’s the best thing we can do For both me and you You steel be everything I know that I wanted And everything that I needed But it doesn’t mean tha...

Benny Benassi

  • Able To Love

    Nobodys business if I walk, talk, `n make love sing
    but I`m able to love
    Able to live Able to love
    Nobodys business if I walk, talk, `n make love sing
    but I`m able to love
    Able to live Able to love


  • Fascinated

    I want to play with you tonight Hold me, that`s all that`s on my mind Baby, something feel so right Maybe we could play tonight I want to be somewhere with you I want to do just what you want to do I want to be all over you I got...

Chris De Burgh

  • A Celebration

    Dont worry darling, Thats not forever in my eyes, Just want to hold you for a while, Nobody knows how it will go, Spending this night together; I can hardly believe its true, I can hardly believe its you, A celebration......

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