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  • It`s All I Can Do

    One too many times I fell over you Once in a shadow I finally grew And once in a night I dreamed you were there I cancelled my flight from going nowhere [chorus] It`s all I can do to keep waiting for you It`s all I ...

Jerusalem Slim

  • Attitude Adjustment

    My brain came back from the laundromat But nothing comes clean in the wash Behind the front of the backest lash someone`s selling out with my trash What`s wrong with this dreamland picture? My crayons just ain`t the same A little ...

Lost Horizon

  • Cry Of A Restless Soul

    [Music & Lyrics: Wojtek Lisicki] Hail to thee, Oh force of will For awakening minds! There for me from earliest days Made this tale so mine Storm...you almighty, earth, seas and flames Here I am standing Bare in my honesty C...


  • Und Es Geht Ab

    Alte Welle neue Welle - mach` `ne Mark jetzt auf die Schnelle. Gitarre raus Computer rein so muß Neue Welle sein .....und es geht ab. Und die Texte kurz und knapp damit man was zu lachen hat.

Pierre Cosso

  • Face Your Life

    When you try to say all you feel deep inside You want to tell the world how it feels slowly dying. You sing the saddest songs `cause it`s all you can write Hiding in that place where you play them all night.

Biohazard feat. Igor Cavalera of Sepultu

  • Gone

    [Chorus:] You keep me down, I don`t need you no more Bad feelings gone, you can`t hurt me no more I`ve spent most of my life fucking around Now it`s getting me too down It`s a waste of my time hangin here It`s too late to change me [Chorus] I`m set i...

Pierre Croscolas

  • Lady Lay

    Lady Lady lay Lady Lady Lady lay Lady Lady Lady lay. Je vous revois me sourire Lady Lady lay Lady Lady Lady lay Lady Lady Lady lay Vous mon plus beau souvenir Moi quinze ans vous presque une femm` deja Et pourtant combien de f...


  • Lucky Man

    He had white horses and ladies by the score. All dressed in satin and waiting by the door. Oh what a lucky man he was oh what a lucky man he was. White lace and feathers they laid on his bed.


  • Barock

    (slowa i muzyka: Kukiz) O, mamo ja nie chce Chodzic do szkoly muzycznej Cwicze i nie mam nic Popatrz ile zarabia Prince Wcale nie mam ochoty Spiewac jak Pavarotti Wolalbym posc dzisiaj na plaze Niz cwiczyc pasaze O, mamo ja mecze ...

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