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Jody Miller

  • Act Naturally

    Well they`re gonna put me in the movies they`re gonna make a big star out of me We`ll make a scene about a girl who`s sad and lonely and all I gotta do is act naturally Well I`ll bet you I`m a gonna be a big star might win an Osca...


  • Alles Gute

    Heute geht fuer Dich die Sonne auf die Erde wird sich fuer Dich drehn denn heute ist Dein Tag - Dein Tag schon wieder ist ein Jahr vorbei das Leben war und bleibt Dir treu wir alle sind fuer Dich da an Deinem Tag - oh oh an Deinem...


  • Ending Our Days

    [Spoken Intro] The day we have been waiting for so long is finally at hand. Waiting of this better day is now over. But as it seems this day turns to a disaster...

Fozzy Osbourne

  • End Of Days

    What happend, to all of us, The things we say, our evil ways, Who can we, really trust, Our lives and betrayal, it`s why we pay. Can you believe in love, lost in this world, Can you believe in love, and it`s not too late.

Sasha Dith

  • Russian girls

    Girls... Лена Ирина Света Марина Наташа Аня Оля Таня Инна Олеся Рая Юля Оксана Рита Маша Люда Girls... ... give me give me only one Russian russian russian girls You take my soul... Russian Girls! You give me love again Russian Girls...

Corey Heart

  • Never Surrender

    Tust a little more time is all we`re askin` for

    `Cause just a little more time could open closin` doors.
    Just a little uncertainty can bring you down.

    And nobody wants to know you now

    and nobody wants...


  • Animal Sex

    debajo de las sabanas
    debajo de la cama
    sentado en un sillon
    parado en un retrete
    esperas, quien te lo mete
    esperas, quien te lo mete

    abre bien tus piernas
    te hare sentir
    los cachos del diab...

Grace Of My Heart

  • God Give Me Strength

    Now I have nothing, so God give me strength
    `Cause I`m weak in her wake
    And if I`m strong I might still brea
    And I don`t have anything to share
    That I won`t throw away into the air

    That song is sung out ...

Mighty Mighty Bosstones

  • 365 Days

    Its gripping, Im ripping I havent just been sipping Stressing no messing Will I ever learn my lesson? Im always amazed, by what can take place Within the space of 300-365 Sinning, Im spinning In the beginning I was winning...

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