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Baby Namboos, The

  • Ancoats 2 Zambia

    Go as a luxury pass on to the middle class While the poor play in parks filled with broken glass And as we point our fingers we turn our backs We can`t accept each other and that`s a matter of fact Indoctrinated you since you were a boy Ever since the ...

Forgotten Tomb

  • Colourless Despondency

    Kill me - Take me to the place where my cries will stop forever And where my memories will drown in the sickness of dusk The shadows of the noose on the wall crosses that of my neck The weight of this sorrow The need to end it no...


  • Have Faith In Me

    Just a look just a touch from you can make me lose my mind But the kiss from your cold lips confuses me sometimes The closer I get the harder I try The futher away you seem I see the smoke in your eyes from the fire of an old flam...


  • Craving Your Love

    (H. Der Hovagimian) Craving your love, craving your love Oh-oh-oh! Oh-oh-oh! Craving your love Baby let`s reminisce the love we used to share When you`d take me from my queries-always stepping into blame No no one ever made me fee...

Big Pun

  • Classic Verses (Drop it Heavy and Fantas

    * [Verse One] -- from the Show & A.G. Full Scale EP * [Verse Two] -- from the DJ Clue CD The Professional [Verse One] Yo, my squad is honored like Elijah Muhammad But I`m God-retarded, ain`t no righteousness in this heart of violence Hard as diamond b...

S.L.A.B. f T.C., Kendro

  • Wreckin

    (*talking*) Ah-ha, we Slow Loud And Bangin` you heard me You could believe that, y`all ain`t ball what we bringing this year We busting heads ducking FEDs, you heard me You better watch your broad, cause she will get tossed Believe that, Clue holla at ...

ducky boys

  • i dont give a shit

    --------------------------------------------------------- I Dont Give A Shit - Ducky Boys --------------------------------------------------------- Tabbed by: alex roth 180 downs bassist ( intro chorus x 2 G:-r-----...

Peter Green

  • A Fool No More

    Yes, I`ve packed up my clothes I`m moving away from your door Lord, I`ve packed up my clothes Said, I`m moving away from your door I`ve been your fool for so long Babe, I won`t play that fool no more I gave you all my money I wor...

Lonely Kings

  • Everybody`s Journey

    It always seems the same Laying the tracks for your own train Break the rules, but not the chains With no mistakes I choose Got nothing left to lose You cannot judge a man Until you`ve walked in his shoes It`ll be all right Set me...

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