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dixie dregs

  • the great spectacular

    Artist: Dixie Dregs Album: Dregs of the Earth Song: The Great Spectacular Tuning: E A D G (standard) /=slide down ^=bend 7h9=hammeron 9p7=pull-off ~=let note ring |------------------| |------------------| |-2--3---5---------| |------3---5--7--0~| ...

dj food and dk

  • flying fish

    Song: Flying Fish - Lucy`s Song Artist: Dj Food & Dk Album: Now, Listen! Tabbed by: This is the bassline in the first half of the song, the bassline in the second half is difficult to make out some of the time, so what you play for...

do as infinity

  • Kuusou Ryodan

    Me o tojite mimi wo sumase
    Imeeji wo uketomeyou
    Merodii ano sora koete
    Michibiku merodii jikan sae koete kanata e

    Asahi ga noboru aoi sabanna
    Inpara no mure ga hashiri yuku
    Dareka ga tataku beat no nak...

G Warren

  • And Ya Don`t Stop

    For 94, I`m a just glide and swerve hop up the streets with my heats so observe its me Z the whee Z, the Warren to the G Z the deuces and the treys as kickin it through E-Z and the beach and the bottle where I`m found fuckin aroun...

South Park Mexican f Baby Beech

  • Wiggy

    First Verse [SPM]: Hold up on the double, these boys want trouble They call me Flintstone and my boy is born Rubble Rebel, Devil, chase em` through the ghetto Break these muthafuckas off with just one dedo Metal bracelets, facin` worse incarceration A...

Stinkin RichBuck65

  • Cat Piss

    On the longest day of the year I was married And kissed my wife while she was being buried (la la la la la la) ...I`ve been spending most my time Living in a pastime paradise and I`m Given opportunity to see the poor thing And when I...


  • Big boys dont cry

    I see you falling It`s my name you`re calling I rush to be by your side Y`know I`m always here So there`s nothing to fear Now wipe away all your tears A shoulder to cry on Someone to rely on I`ll do anything for you You are my best friend On me you ca...

Bo$$ f AMG

  • Born Gangstaz

    [AMG] Aww yeah! AMG`s in the motherfuckin house! I got somebody I want y`all to meet Here`s my sister..

Gabi Seitz Ensemble

  • Glocken Der Heimat

    Ich hatte gestern einen Traum der mir zu denken gab allein stand ich am Waldesraum und sah ins Dorf hinab.

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