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Snoop Dogg f T-Bo

  • White Boyz

    [Snoop Dogg] Yeah wassup my nigga? I`m sittin here chillin with my nigga Kurupt and we sayin I mean it ain`t no hard motherfuckin whiteboys in the rap game dog You know? No disrespect (that`s right) That nigga Slim Shady is tight than a muh`fucka thou...

Kayne West

  • Through The Wire

    Yo G they can`t stop me from rapping can they? Can they huh? I spit it through the wire man To much stuff on my heart right now man I`ll probably risk it all right now It`s a life or death situation man Y`all don`t really un...

Kayo Dot

  • The Manifold Curiosity

    It never hurt this much before, And I feel I`m courting Saturn. The Twelve-Eyed Secret gazes through a prism, Staring into raindrops swirling slow It lifts its horrible heads With lidless orbs of limitless vision.

Dr Octagon (Kool Keith)

  • Blue Flowers

    Let me show you somethin (2X)
    Dr. Octagon paramedic fetus of the East
    with priests I`m from the Church of the Operating Room
    with the strike support scalpels since the holocaust
    I do indeed in greed explore meet t...

K.c. And The Sunshine Band

  • (you Said) You`d Gimme Some More

    Liar, liar Telling me a bag of lies You don`t mean a thing you say tonight You promised me days and days Now your`e gonna go and change your ways I`ve seen you `round somebody else You must be doin` something else You said you`d g...

Tegan and Sara

  • All You Got

    here the lights fall just as hard a bit softer in the stall
    it`s not really wrong it`s not really right
    I`m wide awake
    she`s upfront upshot upstart up in every case
    the kind of girl that whispers thank god for you

Rick Vito

  • Intuition

    I can hold you in my arms If I`m a thousand miles away And I can know what`s on your mind Without you having a word to say Oh, don`t turn back now Oh, don`t try and figure how It`s stronger now than me or you Clearer than we ever ...

Forest For The Trees

  • Infinite Cow

    (C. Stephenson) How did my mind evolve into this question How did the alphabet become these words? How did these words become this sentence? How did this song float into your head? Now and then Now forever Now is here (and now is ...

Rickie Lee Jones

  • A lucky

    Oh, he`s a lucky guy
    Oh, he`s a lucky guy
    He doesn`t worry about me
    When I`m gone
    He goes to sleep at night
    He don`t turn off the light
    And wonder how to find me
    Or if I`m alone

    Oh, he`s a l...

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