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Jason Mraz

  • 0% Interest

    words by jason mraz & ariel quirolo
    music by jason mraz

    our friends on the front porch telling jokes and they swing swiftly
    towards happier times

    expending lines and finding more energy for the effort a...

Lee Greenwood

  • Amazing Grace

    Amazing grace, how sweet the sound
    That saved a wretch like me.
    I once was lost, but now I`m found.
    Was blind, but now I see.

Men At Work

  • Be Good Johnny

    Skip de skip, up the road Off to school we go "dont you be a bad boy johnny Dont you slip up Or play the fool" "oh no ma, oh no da, Ill be your golden boy I will obey evry golden rule" Get told by the t...

Quarter Flash

  • Harden My Heart

    Cryin` on the corner waitin` in the rain I swear I`ll never ever wait again. You gave me your word but words for you are lies.

Bubba Sparxxx f New Money (P. Troy, Rich

  • Back in the Mud (Zone 4 Remix)

    [Bubba Sparxxx] Bubba Sparxxx, get money Ye-yeah, ye-ye-ye-yeah, still in the mud I said Bubba Sparxxx, that`s right That`s the problem with these suckers man Don`t nobody wanna get in the mud Nobody wanna fight for this shit, they all too pretty New m...


  • Apocalyptic Fear

    Wage war with your threats of the lord
    Retaliation, attack
    Full force of the war machine
    You think you hear him calling you back
    Kick down the blessed doors to god
    We got some killing to do
    Scramble little lam...

S.L.A.B. f Mike D, J-Doe, 311, Big Pup

  • What You Gone Do

    (*talking*) S.L.A.B., Slow Loud And Bangin` Niggaz thought we was missing in action But now we back in they face Tell me what the fuck they gon do, now that we (*Ludacris*) We bout to take off, so F what you heard Because my side mirrors flap, like a ...

Kaukonen Jorma

  • Genesis

    (Jorma Kaukonen) Time has come for us to pause And think of living as it was Into the future we must cross, must cross I`d like to go with you And I`d like to go with you You say I`m harder than a wall A marble shaft about to fall...

Silkk the Shocker f Kane and Abel, Mo B.

  • What Gangsta`s Do

    [Silkk the Shocker] Hustler, baller, gangsta, cap peeler Hustler, baller, gangsta, cap peeler Hustler, baller, gangsta, cap peeler Hustler, baller, gangsta, cap peeler Hustler, baller, gangsta, cap peeler Hustler, baller, gangsta, cap peeler [Chorus] ...

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