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compagnons de la chansons

  • le galerien

    Le Galerien - Compagnons de la Chanson G D7 1. Je m`souviens qu`ma mere m`aimait G B7 Et je suis aux galeres Em B7 Je m`souviens qu`ma mere m`disait Em D ...

Snoop Doggy Dogg and Kurupt

  • Caught Up soundtrack

    [Kurupt] A bitch is a bitch, whether she poor or rich She still gettin a gang of dicks It don`t matter what you do or say Cause bitch you can`t change my feelings no way I been across the whole U.S.A.


  • Basketcas

    Girl had a baby and she gave it to the world World didnt want to take the baby from the girl So in the reeds beside the river there she lay Gave it to the river let the water show the way Time Will never destroy her heart


  • Aprendiendo A Vivir

    Aqui estoy
    Esperando el abrazo de la vida
    Al final
    De una adolescencia casi de puntillas
    Con tus mismas dudas
    Mordiйndome el corazуn.

    Aqui estoy
    Con los pies descalzos y las manos
    Aъn vacias...


  • Because Of You

    I gotta go, get away How I feel about you makes me wonder If our love is true You wanna go, all the way Could you wait a little bit longer Cause I`m saving all my love because of you Finally I found it Someone that I really care ...

Mylene Farmer

  • A quoi je sers

    Poussiere vivante, je cherche en vain ma voie lactee Dans ma tourmente, je n`ai trouve qu`un mausolee Et je divague J`ai peur du vide Je tourne des pages Mais ...

Soul Position (RJD2 and Blueprint)

  • Take Your Time

    [Chorus: Blueprint - rpeeat 2X] Take your time young man Don`t you rush to get old Keep it in your stride Live your life, live your life This goes out to everybody, movin too fast You do slow down Yoo many people just runin face first into confrontati...


  • Convulsions

    Change over the suit of flesh. Can`t touch my mind with all their poisons. Take over the white padded space. Imprisoned spirit stays in full motion. Hurry not endless time. Convulsions, my bones crack.

Black Sheep (w Q-Tip)

  • A Wolf in Sheep`s Clothing

    Intro Listen, hon, I mean, ah, as slamming as you are and all that good stuff; It ain`t doing me no good out here cause you got too many clothes on.

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