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Shyheim, RZA, GZA

  • Wake Up Show Freestyle

    [Shyheim] This is on some Cash Rules Everything Around Me type thought Yo bust it yo, yo We was chillin on the ave, buggin out lookin dap And these four cold boys rolled up in a cab They pulled out a tool, said get against the wall F` that, I`d rather ...

Busta Rhymes, Dirtbag and Mystikal

  • Keep Doin` It *

    * first single; send corrections to the typist [Intro - Male voice - talking] + (Female voice) (*echo*) (Keep doin it baby) This is a world premiere Uh oh, yeah, Cali talk to `em Bring the beat back!, c`mon [Chorus - Male voice] + (Female voice) (Kee...

Dom PaChino f Tommy Whispers

  • 1000 Dollar Watches

    [Dom PaChino] The Terrorist.. Here`s your opportunity to judge as my plea I set in unity These tough guys, rockin` blue vests in my community I purchase one, camouflage sun, with my machine gun That holds more, spits more power you never seen before Fa...

Fluoride Klaus

  • Big Decisions

    Holly`s making big decisions Keeping mind of all her visions A better time in spring A warmer clime, will bring.

collins judy

  • Amazing Grace

    AMAZING GRACE Amazing grace, how sweet the sound That saved a wretch like me I once was lost, but now I`m found Was blind, but now I see `Twas grace that taught my heart to fear And grace that fear relieved How precious did that g...

South Park Mexican f Baby Beesh, Grimm,

  • The Purity Album

    Typed by: [Verse 1: Baby Beesh] I`ma fool I`ma nut I`ma nigga from the cut Split the blunt roll it up And the deuce is what I chunk I`ma prosper Spittin street gospel Baby Beesherini maan the modern day apostle Lacin up my boots Maa...

Doo Wop

  • 10 Tape Commandments

    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 It`s the ten tape commandments wha wha what Ha ha yo Niggas can`t tell me nothin about these tapes Can`t tell me nothin about these records CD`s (10) For my DJ cats word up Niggas rockin them turntables I ain`t forget ya`ll niggas Who...

Styles f Angie Stone

  • A Gangster and a Gentleman

    * send corrections to the typist [Angie Stone in background] You... Wha, wha yeah It`s like a team over here daddy One for all, and one for one [let it flow, flow, flow...

collins phil

  • A Groovy Kind Of Love

    When I`m feeling blue, all I have to do Is take a look at you, then I`m not so blue When you`re close to me, I can feel your heart beat I can hear you breathing in my ear Wouldn`t you agree, baby you and me, we`ve got a groov...

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