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  • Atom Bomb

    Baby` got an atom bomb, A mother fuckin` atom bomb, twenty two maga tonne, i ain`t ever seen so much fun, baby got a poison gas, baby got a heart attack, baby got a pain on tap, baby gimme some of that, baby got a satellite, baby ...

Tara Maclean

  • A Million Miles To The City

    Yeah, I remember it now, we were kids back then livin` down on the farm
    We were told that the city could only bring us harm
    How far is the city? somebody said, and Oh, that`s a great big town.
    Barbara said, Why, it`s a million ...


  • Come On

    Yo, with the body of a goddess
    Make no mistake about
    Never was a good cook
    So plenty cats ate out
    Catch me at a steakhouse
    Cats be on a stake out
    Wanna hear what I drop
    Cop when the tape out
    Hit th...

Dj Cash

  • Настройщик

    Здрасьте, я настройщик Анна Сергевна, настройщик пришёл! Настройщик пришёл Здравствуйте! Андрей... Здравствуйте! А меня зовут Анна Сергеевна Какой ты активный! Молодец! Я с тобой ещё поживу... некоторое время Некоторое время...

Living Legends

  • Black Glass

    [Eligh] Can you see yourself not seeing yourself? That`s the question If I paint the back of a sheet of glass black What I have is so complex You can never make your way back To vanity instilled in children Filling villains with the greatest weapon of...

Mary J. Blige f Grand Puba

  • What`s the 411?

    Grand Puba: Hey, yo, yo, Pop, check out that situation right there yo Pop: Yeah, what`s the motions man? GP: Yo honey right there yo Pop: Yo, the fine amazon, man? GP: Yeah, yeah, she got it going on and on, like, you know what I`m sayi...

Shyheim, RZA, GZA

  • Wake Up Show Freestyle

    [Shyheim] This is on some Cash Rules Everything Around Me type thought Yo bust it yo, yo We was chillin on the ave, buggin out lookin dap And these four cold boys rolled up in a cab They pulled out a tool, said get against the wall F` that, I`d rather ...

Busta Rhymes, Dirtbag and Mystikal

  • Keep Doin` It *

    * first single; send corrections to the typist [Intro - Male voice - talking] + (Female voice) (*echo*) (Keep doin it baby) This is a world premiere Uh oh, yeah, Cali talk to `em Bring the beat back!, c`mon [Chorus - Male voice] + (Female voice) (Kee...

Dom PaChino f Tommy Whispers

  • 1000 Dollar Watches

    [Dom PaChino] The Terrorist.. Here`s your opportunity to judge as my plea I set in unity These tough guys, rockin` blue vests in my community I purchase one, camouflage sun, with my machine gun That holds more, spits more power you never seen before Fa...

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