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Brotha Lynch Hung f Shawna Coyle

  • 24 Deep

    (Brotha Lynch Hung) roll me a motherfucking joint check my gat nigga get my point cuz I jack roll on foos like vice and my nine milla meter ain`t nathan nice I start jacking for blunts a black jacket and ones I get dank Im sending niggas blood to the b...

Snoop Dogg f C-Murder, Silkk The Shocker

  • Ain`t Nut`in Personal

    Kill kill kill [Snoop] How many killas you got on your mother fuckin pay roll nigga? Snoop Dogg, C-Murder, and Silkk the Shocker No limit (biatch) [C-Murder] Nigga nigga I`ma rida Ride with G`s And ship keys over seas by the three`s Keep an eye on m...


  • Über Sieben Brücken

    Manchmal geh` ich meine Straße ohne Blick,
    manchmal wünsch` ich mir mein Schaukelpferd zurück,
    manchmal bin ich ohne Rast und Ruh,
    manchmal schließ ich alles Türen nach mir zu.

    Manchmal i...

S.L.A.B. f Billy Cook, Lil` Head, Mr. 3-

  • Standing Strong

    (Billy Cook) Whoa no-no-no, y`all ain`t ready And if you are, then cop to this playa Oooh, don`t sleep on it You gotta creep with it, ooooh It`s so slow and loud and banging, now you know [Hook: Billy Cook] Slow, Loud And Bangin` Still in the game, an...

Kardinal Offishall

  • BaKardi Slang

    [Kardinall Offishall] Yo Yo Silver turn it up, yeah We gonna put you on to something brand new yo Know what I mean Yo We don`t say `you know what I`m sayin` T dot says `yuh dun know` We don`t say `hey that`s the breaks` we say `yo, a so it go` We don`...

Rhett Miller

  • Come Around

    I`m dressed all in blue and I`m remembering you And the dress you wore when you broke my heart I`m depressed upstairs and I`m remembering where And when and how and why`d you have to go so far Am I gonna be lonely for the rest...

Дмитрий Кимельфельд, Аркадий Лебедев

Крестовый туз

  • Белый-белый снег

    А закружила метель - пурга, Уж скоро полночь, над зоной вьюга... А мне не спится, кругом тайга... И далеко ты, моя подруга... Ты где-то, где тепло и где весна, Ты где-то, где уже так долго не был...

Smut Peddlers f Kool Keith

  • Back From the Pad

    Kool Keith...the original Adam West New York That`s right Back from the pad (the finest tuned rapping machine) Back from the pad James Brown I`m not Trying to be Sly Stone on the microphone Xerox you`re just a clone Setup your tone, kids come take you...

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