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Dougie D f Cl`Che, Trae

  • Who Gone Do It

    [Hook - 4x] Who gon do it, the way I do Who gon get this bitch hot as I do, and keep it live as I do [Dougie D] First of all, look I`m in mash mode Motherfuckers wasn`t even expecting, but here I go You know me from the Maab, you know me from the S.L....

Kah Hubert

  • C`est La Vie

    A way uphill Walking On an endless winding path A step into the dark They say: there`s inner vision How will I see? I`m crying for my guardian angel And now she`s talking to me C`est la vie Rely on your heart Et l`ange de vie, la ...

Mechalie Jamison

  • I Got The Hook-Up!

    ( Chorus ) All I really wanna do is keep it real, keep it real keep it real, keep it real with you All you really got to do is keep it real keep it real, keep it real keep it real with me (x2) Girl how could you trip on a brother like me I paid your r...

Shyheim f Infamous Bluesteele

  • Protect Ya Neck Collection, Vol. 1

    Name, nothing says your name - sample, repeated throughout the song [Shyheim] I knew New York, before Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx Manhattan and Staten Island, Shyheim, you know the kid from whilin` Be up in the party, dusted, who got that shit? Ya`...

chrupalyk brian

  • no clue

    G/D Em She`s perfect and she knows it She drives a luxury car C D But the way she talks down on some people G/D D G/D She`s taking it a bit too far.

Blue Cantrell f Foxy Brown

  • Hit `Em Up Style (Oops) (TrackMasters Re

    Hehehehehe, brand new riddim! Now for dis creation, we need total dedication t`rew-out de nation Crowd participation (Brooklyn) Trackmasters [Foxy Brown] Chase vampire we say chase vampire Chase vampire we say chase vampire Who really wan` come test r...

Kahal Irving

  • Ill Be Seeing You

    Cathedral bells were tolling And our hearts sang on, Was it the spell of Paris Or the April dawn? Who knows, if we shall meet again? But when the morning chimes ring sweet again: Refrain: I`ll be seeing you In all the old familiar...


  • Andai Dia Tahu

    Bilakah dia tahu Apa yang tlah terjadi Semenjak hari itu Hati ini miliknya Refrain : Mungkinkah dia jatuh hati Seperti apa yang kurasa Mungkinkah dia jatuh cinta Seperti apa yang kudamba Bilakah dia mengerti Apa yang tlah terjadi ...

Mo Thugs f Graveyard Shift

  • Urban Souljah

    (Helicopters. Gunfire) [Tombstone] High tech weapons everywhere We roll in the jungle In the middle of the field, they tumble Somebody gon` crumble after the rumble Urban souljah Head it off, confident jet plane Low fuel, escort it to the runway Sure...

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