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Noreaga (N.O.R.E.)

  • Full Mode

    [Intro] Oh, yeah, yeah Hahahahahahahahaha Oh, We ain`t gon stop Oh, Militainment, (gangsta nigga), Militainment [Chorus x2] I hit you till you drop, (What?) I hit you till you shake (What?)[x3] Niggas and bitches (What?) shake ya body till it break (W...

Paul Harrington and Charlie Mcgettigan

  • Rock`n`roll Kids

    I remember `62 I was sixteen and so were you And we lived next door, On the avenue. Jerry Lee was big and Elvis too; Blue jeans and blue suede shoes, And we never knew What life held in store.

Snoop Dogg f C-Murder, Eddie Griffin

  • Da Game Is To Be Sold, Not To Be Told

    [Eddie Talking] This is a service public announcement going out to all the paper haters Now sure sure sure your broke sure sure sure your having problems Food stamps didn’t come on time and the lights have been cut off But look here [Snoop] Here`s a ...


  • 24`s


    In a drop top chevy with the roof wide open

    My partners looking at me to see if my eyes open

    Cause I`ve been drankin, and I`ve been smokin

    Flying down 285 but I`m focused


Chalie Boy and Tite

  • Fa Sho

    [Hook - 2x] We get do` (fa sho), we spit flows (fa sho) We wreck shows (fa sho), we wreck hoes (fa sho) We got dollas (fa sho), we pop collas (fa sho) You wanna folla (fa sho), playa holla (fa sho) [Chalie Boy] I swang down, in a drop (fa sho) Hit the...

Finn William

  • I`m Breaking Down

    (The lights come up on TRINA, tying her apron.) TRINA: I`d like to be a princess on a throne, To have a country I can call my own. And a king Who`s lusty and requires a fling With a female thing. Great... Men will be men...

Mia X f Mystikal, Fiend, Mac, Kane and A

  • Mama Drama

    Silk talking Yo Kl.....what the motherfuckin deal nigga fuck you make some shit like this for this shit too motherfuckin hard we just gon put this motherfuckin shit down yo Mystikal fuck that nigga see I got some rowdy niggas with me now Mystikal, tel...

Nate Dogg f B.R.E.T.T., Fabolous, Kurupt

  • I Got Love Remix

    Intro: Nate Dogg (Kurupt) I got love (Yeah for all y`all unaware) (Kurupt!)Fab-u-lous (Smash through, do whatcha do, and whatcha want to) Gang-sta Nate (Nate Dogg, remix with Bink) (Doin what we wanna...) Young Got-ti [Fabolous] Ok, that`s right, Ghe...

Paul Kantner

  • China

    She`ll suck on anything you give her Stare at anything that`s shiny bright Her voice cuts through the sea even when its stormy But she`s only two feet high - she`ll get higher I hope she sees some things that will make her time h...

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