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Da Brat f Millie Jackson, Twista

  • Intro

    [Millie Jackson] BuckWIIIILD outrageous do what you feel like doin til a motherfucker know when you don`t feel like screwin I did it, you do it, break the ties that bound Keep a motherfucker off you, keep your feet on the ground HEYYY! FUCK YOU if you...

Georg Michael

  • Killer

    So you want To be free To live your life the way you wanna be Will we give If we try Will we live or will we die Tainted hearts heal with time shoot that love so we can stop the beating Solitary brother is there still a part of ...


  • The Truth

    [Mysonne] Yeah I want the sarcasm, with the anger All that shit mixed in OK let`s do this The FUCK y`all niggaz want? (I want the truth!) Y`all niggaz want problems? (I want the truth!) The FUCK y`all niggaz want? (I want the truth!) You niggaz wan...

Silkk the Shocker f Snoop Dogg, Goldie L

  • My World, My Way

    [Intro: Silkk the Shocker + (Snoop Dogg)] Hey yo Snoop Tell Xzibit and Dre to be havin` that thing bumpin` when I come out there (That`s funky Soopafly..


  • liar liar

    ----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE-------------------------------- This file is the author`s own work and represents their interpretation of the song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research.

Dr. Dre f RC, Sid McCoy

  • Aftermath (The Intro)

    [Wind, Animals and Wild Sounds Coordinating With Beeping Countdown] [Beeping Faster] (Dr. Dre) This is dedicated to the niggaz that was down from Day 1 ..[SCREAM AND LOUD EXPLOSION] ...Welcome to the Aftermath (Group) Like We Always Do About This...

George Baker Selection

  • Baby Blue

    She wrote me today That she won`t come back to stay That she`d only comes to pick up her clothes She wrote I must not cry That her love for me has died But she`d found sombody else, I suppose Baby Blue, Baby Blue Do you know that ...

Mariah Carey f Master P, Mystikal

  • Did I Do That?

    [Mariah Carey] I really hope when you hear this song That you`re happy with somebody new (happy, na, na, na, na) Baby because I am the love I can call my own And I know I`m apart from you (Bridge) (x4) [Mystikal] We can`t stop now We can`t stop You c...

San Quinn f Juvenile, Keak Da Sneak

  • Pop Off

    [Are you ready?] [San Quinn] Give me a minute to get in it Give me a minute with one of your main bitches Mental fitness I demonstrate Right in front of your eyes Watch your bitch elevate from a five to a nine Confidence booster all in her mind And I`...

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