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Timo Maas & Brian Molko

  • First Day
    I see you found my underground Help yourself to guns and ammo Nothing here has ever seen the light of day I leave it in my head It's the first day of the rest of your life It's the first day of the rest of your life It's the first day of the rest ...

Lyrics for Tim Mcgraw

  • Between The River And Me
    I was fifteen when my daddy died, mama worked two jobs just to get by Seemed like a blessing when Harley came around so she took his name but I had my doubts Didn't take long for his drinking ways to start showing up on mama's face One violent night hi...

Tina Turner & Elisa

  • Teach Me Again
    What's it to walk on a silent road, to be thirsty and wait for - wait for the rain? What is it like? You wake me up with a ray of light, tell me a joke and if you don't know one, never mind! Can't we just look at the Sun and live a lifetim...

Tiny Dancers

  • Hannah We Know
    In the north eastern sky Down the sun in my mind He's making his was into our world It's a long way to go Five days in a row Oh but Hannah she knows what's good for him And you'll see him you'll feel him Because he's talking to you And Hannah...

Текст песни Tiziano Ferro

  • Ti Scattero Una Foto
    Ricordero e comunque anche se non vorrai Ti sposero perche non te l' ho detto mai Come fa male cercare , trovarti poco dopo E nell' ansia che ti perdo ti scattero una foto... Ti scattero una foto... Ricordero e comunque e so che non vorrai Ti chia...

Tobias Regner

  • I Still Burn
    I can say I feel alright I can say I'm sleeping through the night I could say I haven’t thought about you – about you You have always had a way Of seeing threw the crazy things I say Like I'm better of without you But without you the truth is I s...

Lyrics for Toby Keith

  • High Maintenance Woman
    I see her layin' by the poolside every day She ain't got a lot on She ain't got a lot to say She wouldn't look my way But buddy, what do you expect I'm just the fix-it-up boy at the apartment complex And she'll go out dancin' 'bout seven-fifteen...

Lyrics for Tokio Hotel

  • An Deiner Seite (Ich Bin Da)
    Keiner weiss, wies Dir geht. Keiner da, der Dich versteht. Der Tag war dunkel, und allein. Du schreibst Hilfe, mit Deinem Blut. Obwohl es immer wieder wehtut. Du machts die Augen auf, und alles bleibt gleich. Ich will nicht stцrn, und ich will auc...

Tokio Hotel

  • Der Letzte Tag
    Jetzt sind wir wieder hier Bei dir oben auf'm dach Die ganze welt da unten Kann von mir aus untergehen heute nacht Sind wir zum letzten mal zusammen Es hat doch grad' erst angefangen Wenn dieser tag der letzte ist Bitte sag es mir noch ...

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