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  • Ooh La
    In their eyes is a place that you finally discovered That you love each year, you've got to stay On the bottom of the rock, an island On which you find you love it when you twitch You feel that itch in you pettycoat Your pretty pretty pettycoat ...

Lyrics for Korn

  • Evolution
    I diggin' with my fingertips I'm gripping at the ground I stand upon I'm searching for fragile bones Evolution I'm never gonna be refined Keep trying but I won't assimilate Should we have come far in time Watch the ground break And I'm sorry t...

Lyrics for Kosheen

  • Overkill
    Is it over now Over something that you overheard It is over dramatized Over complicated, overhit All your clever talk Leaves you tongue-tied It's overkill You wanna fix it with your hands tied You never will I don't wanna play this game no mo...

Lady Sovereign

  • 9 To 5
    Ok yo.... I wake up late every morning Managers calling im still yawning Get up wake up hair and makeups Waiting for you don't be stalling This performance is important I don't think I can put my all in Hold on I was drunk last night Now its all k...

Текст песни Lara Fabian

  • Aime
    C'est un fruit sucre que l'univers et la terre ensemence Un cadeau divin qui t'es offert Si tu crois a cette chance La vie s'arrange pour nous donner L'autre moitier d'orange C'est un voyage au creux de la chair Ou la guerre n'existe pas La preuv...

Lazy Town

  • Bing Bang (Time To Dance)
    Bing Bang Diggly Dong First thing that I say after I wake up Bing Bang Diggly Dong I say those words before I go to sleep Get on up it's time to dance yeah It's so much fun being up on our feet So we go up up To the top Move around and clap yo...

Lyrics for Lcd Soundsystem

  • All My Friends
    That's how it starts. We go back to your house. We check the charts, And start to figure it out. And if it's crowded, all the better, because we know we're gonna be up late. But if you're worried about the weather then you picked the wrong place ...

Leann Rimes feat. Brian Mcfadden

  • Everybody's Someone
    And every day begins the same Get up, go out, come back again Same old same old A thousand faces pass you by You never look into their eyes You feel so ordinary They feel so ordinary Hey...

Lee Mead

  • Any Dream Will Do
    I closed my eyes, drew back the curtain To see for certain what I thought I knew Far far away, someone was weeping But the world was sleeping Any dream will do I wore my coat, with golden lining Bright colors shining, wonderful and new And...

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