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  • Richtig Scheisse
    Du kennst mich noch nicht, hast mich noch nie geseh’n Killerpilze Trotzdem bringst du mich dazu vollig abzudreh’n. Ich steh’ in deinem Garten Richtig Und spiel’ ein Lied fur dich. Du schlagst die Fenster zu.

Kim Sozzi

  • Break Up
    You look kind of cute when you’re mad Your eyes are pretty when you look sad Nothing’s like a salty kiss Tasting the tears, the tears on your lips We always forgive and forget, It’s funny how we feel no regret Cats and dogs in black and white Pic...

Lyrics for Kings Of Leon

  • Arizona
    Now taste All I ever needed All I ever wanted So hold on to surrender She shakes Like I'm on a railway Ch-ch-checking me out Someone on a shoulder Her lamp Slips her in a bedroom She must feel it's awkward Oh I said it's Arizona Now go ...


  • As Above, So Below
    Sailing silver waves, trough the skies and round your eyes And in the pockets ot the tide a meeting place by night Sequin covered swans, that are used to make their own mosaics A ceremony comes, nn exponential fate The dance of the cosmos sh...

Текст песни Klaxons

  • Golden Skans
    ooooooo ahhhh ooooooo ahhhh ooooooo ahhhh ooooooo ahhhh Light touch my hand, in a dream of Golden Skans, from now on. You can forget our future plans. Night touch my hand with the turning Golden Skans, From the night and the light, all pl...

The Kooks

  • Eddie's Gun
    Did you see the way she looks at me She's got an eye for an awkward guy like me I tried to love her back And then I shrunk back into my wrap And in the barrel of my gun I hope i'm not the only one Did you see the way she looks at me A honeybee ...


  • Ooh La
    In their eyes is a place that you finally discovered That you love each year, you've got to stay On the bottom of the rock, an island On which you find you love it when you twitch You feel that itch in you pettycoat Your pretty pretty pettycoat ...

Lyrics for Korn

  • Evolution
    I diggin' with my fingertips I'm gripping at the ground I stand upon I'm searching for fragile bones Evolution I'm never gonna be refined Keep trying but I won't assimilate Should we have come far in time Watch the ground break And I'm sorry t...

Lyrics for Kosheen

  • Overkill
    Is it over now Over something that you overheard It is over dramatized Over complicated, overhit All your clever talk Leaves you tongue-tied It's overkill You wanna fix it with your hands tied You never will I don't wanna play this game no mo...

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