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Naked N` Happy

  • At The Red Light

    Waiting at the red light, I bite my lips and hold on tight. My scream`s so loud, but can you hear tears in a crowd? Oh please Mary; don`t ask me up you`re killing me. The night`s so bright and your smile`s still fine (divine).

The L.O.X. f Mase

  • If You Want It You Can Get It

    STYLES PANIRO What sense does it make to talk and not listen shine eye glisten, BMZ 3 automatic ignition Ice on wrist and an Armani safari suit, when I`m fishin` GoodFella tradition, ring the my thing is the six double o, deep dishin` You never seen a...

Lenny Kravitz and David Bowie

  • Buddha Of Suburbia

    Living in lies by the railway line Pushing the hair from my eyes Elvis is English and climbs the hills Can`t tell the bullshit from the lies Screaming along in South London Vicious but ready to learn Sometimes I fear that the whol...

MC Solaar f Bambi Cruz

  • L`homme Qui Voulait 3 Milliards

    Yes, Yes, Hip Hop Bank Avec DJ cash billets derriиre le guichet Prenez place, Asseyez-vous Assoyons-nous Que puis je faire pour vous ? J`veux une mallette pleine de cash mec surtout pas d`chиques Pas d`billets marquйs t`es tarй c`est carrй ou j`t`effac...

Lenny Kravitz and Iggy Pop

  • Rebel Rebel

    Doo doo doo-doo doo doo doo doo You`ve got your mother in a whirl She`s not sure if you`re a boy or a girl Hey babe, your hair`s alright Hey babe, let`s go out tonight You like me, and I like it all We like dancing and we look d...

Smif-N-Wessun f Buckshot, Heltah Skeltah

  • Cession at Da Doghillee

    [Ruck] I flow fluidly, though I be the being of your bee`s wax Ease back, fo` I squeeze that We don`t need that, do we, do we? Rap style, groupie, a dog like Tin, that`s why you scared to step to me Do we, have to result in fisticuffs? See I get swifte...

Lenny Kravitz and Jeff Healey

  • Hey Joe

    Hey Joe, where you goin` with that gun in your hand I said hey dude Joe, where you goin` with that gun in your hand Going down to shoot my old lady You know, I`ve caught her messin` around with another man Yes I did You know, I`ve...

Александр Силаев

  • Первый горожанин

    Александр Силаев

    Он прожил в этой местности тысячи лет,

    Для Него ничего непонятного нет,

    Он молчит в темноте и живет в пустоте,

    И на каждый вопрос знает точный ответ.

Lenny Kravitz and Mick Jagger

  • No Expectations

    (Mick Jagger) Take me to the station, And put me on a train I`ve got no expectations, To pass through here again (Lenny Kravitz) Once I was a rich man, And now I am so poor But never in my sweet short life Have I felt so like thi...

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