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nyro laura

  • decembers boudoir

    Date: Thu, 14 Nov 1996 14:49:43 -0500 From: Andrew Rogers Subject: ./n/nyro_laura/decembers_boudoir.crd December`s Boudoir (Laura Nyro) Verse 1: Gm F/G Bbmaj7 Fmaj9 Am7/D Em7/A Kisses from you in the ...

Tal Bachman

  • (You Love) Like Nobody Loves Me

    I`m a difficult man I admit I`m not easy At the drop of a tear I can turn right away And all the heartaches I`ve seen One after another Can make a man mean enough To feel afraid And nobody cares, no one really knows me And nobod...

carmen eric

  • Hungry eyes

    I`ve been meaning to tell you
    I`ve got this feelin` that won`t subside
    I look at you and I fantasize
    Darlin` tonight
    Now I`ve got you in my sights

    With these hungry eyes
    One look at you an...

Dame Grease f DMX, Big Stan, and Meeno

  • Live On Lenox (Soundtrack)

    [Meeno] They got my back to the wall Nobody to turn to, nobody I can trust I used to have friends But all I could think about was hustlin That was then, this is now And this is how I must be A loose cannon, with a cannon Nobody can trust me When half t...

Maestro Fresh Wes f Ebony MC

  • Just Swingin`

    INTRO [Maestro Fresh Wes] {Ebony MC} Ahh yes Swinging along, just swinging ahh yeah Me and my main man Ebony MC {Right about now} Just swinging along {We just swinging along} Ah yeah, special shout out {Bust it} [Maestro Fresh Wes] {Ebony MC} (Both) W...


  • there

    intro part 1: G--4--4-4----6-6-6 D-2-22-2---44-4-4- X2 A----------------- E----------------- part 2: G--11-11-11-11--7-7-7-7--11-11-11-11--7-7-7-7- D--0--0--0--0---9-9-9-9--9--9--9--9---5-5-5-5- X4 A--------------------------------------------- E----...

missjones f Mobb Deep

  • Baby Maybe

    (chorus) Baby maybe, you and I we can be Be lovers, If you`d only let me Show you baby, just how good love can be If we hold on to each other for life (verse 1) I know you`re well my love And I ain`t `bout to give you up, oh no I need you here always ...

n sync

  • Bye, bye, bye

    Bye, Bye, Bye (bye, bye) Bye, Bye I`m doing this tonight You probably gonna start a fight I know this can`t be right Hey, baby, come on I loved you endlessly But you weren`t there for me So now it`s time to leave And make it alone I know that I can`...

carnal grief

  • embraced by the light

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