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MF Doom is Viktor Vaughn featuring Poise

  • Bloody Chain

    [MF Doom/Viktor Vaughn] ...Had this one bitty, she gave good brain Used to come and see me in the hood on the train One way cost a buck 50 Not a bad loss if you sure to suck her titty At least for better or for worse Nails was more faker than the lette...

Baby Ranks

  • Dejala Volar

    Hablame claro...
    Dime como te ha ido...
    No se de ti desde hace tiempo...
    Me hablaron de que estabas perdido..
    De que sufrias...
    y por ella llorabas...
    Porque te fue infiel...


  • 32nd Of December

    Don`t talk about it
    Don`t want to know about it
    Arguing with you`s no good
    You`ll be nobody`s fool but you`ll almost speak...

Canibus f Luminati

  • Drama A/T

    [Canibus] Executive Order 11002 The reason you know me but I don`t know you You really wanna know what drama is let me show you But keep in mind this is just one point of view Drama is livin` in a 3rd world country Fucked up and hungry without no money...

Painful Memories

  • In My Tomb

    My Home is the Tomb In the captivity of the Holy Land I don`t see a Light for ages In the cramped caske t I don`t see the Sun and the sky There is Realm of Death Only demons talk with me here! Way back don`t be here, but in my cra...

Павел Папушев

  • Ах, какая белая-пребелая земля...

    Павел Папушев

    Ах, какая белая-пребелая земля -

    Ни воздать мелодией, ни выразить словами,

    А это просто лето распушило тополя,

    И над землей от радости

    Тряхнуло топ...

Phil Lynott & Mark Knopfler

  • Ode To Liberty (The Protest Song)

    Ode To Liberty (Bain, Lynott)

    The dream was not a vision
    Or some preminition like we were told
    It was no figment of the imagination
    To prove that we could be bought or sold
    The doctor of the dimond run

Yo Gotti f D-Nero

  • Shawty

    [D-Nero] Yea yea mane, this D-Nero mane Representin them I&E Blockburners mane Y`all know what time it is mane Gotta grind before you shine mane This not a game mane [Chorus: repeat 2X] Got white shawty cheap cheap price shawty I`m in the the club wit...

Diomedes Diaz

  • Te Necesito

    Esa morena que me entusiasma cuando me mira
    A despertado en mi sentimiento para cantar

    con todo el alma le cantare a la mujer mas linda
    en una noche de luna llena en valledupar(2X)

    por que esa negra cuando m...

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