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Young Buck f D-Tay, Lloyd Banks

  • Prices on My Head

    [Chorus 2x - Young Buck (D-Tay)] Why? These Niggaz Want Me Dead (Betta` Watch Yo Step) Puttin` Prices On My Head (Cuz I Cock My Shit, And I Pop My Shit) But I Ain`t Gonna Change (I Don`t Play That Shit) G-Unit Do Ya` Thang [Verse 1 - Young Buck] Some ...

Abstract Rude w Moka Only, Prevail

  • And That You Can Quote

    [Abstract Rude] It`s deep, estuary, I`m the devil`s advisary, comma [Prevail] Drama, the three of us are pyramids period [Moka Only] Hearing it we bring you to the point of exclamation [All] And that you can quote [Prevail] Some people eat mice, all c...

Ghostface Killah, Method Man, Prodical,

  • K.B. Ridin`

    [Intro: Ghostface Killah (RZA) {Method Man}] Word (These mothafuckin` niggaz, man) Yeah, I hear that, you got that shit, right? (Yeah, I got it) Lemme hear it (I`ma two-way Sunn back right now Next time she show up right on time for this shit) Word, no...

Hine Rupert

  • A Golden Age

    I can no longer count the dreams Inspired by reconstructions of predicted scenes The glass and metal fragments racing Through the pointless heat I can`t go on believing this Have I lived just to witness the last decade Or a golden...

Сергей Кулаков

  • Автопортрет

    Сергей Кулаков

    Я в профиль - Герой, и Философ - анфас.

    Оброс бородой, но Россию не спас...

    Живу я на Севере где-то,

    Куда не торопится лето -

    Зима пр...

A Tribe Called Quest f Busta Rhymes, Red

  • Steppin` It Up

    [Q-Tip] Phiiiiiife Dawg [Phife] Yo Kamal [Q-Tip] Reggie Noble [Redman] Up in ya! [Q-Tip] Yo Busta Bus, yo it`s time to step up [Busta Rhymes] You know I plas-ter, the little bas-tard and mastered the real way you slap the bitchest niggaz backwards...


  • Als het beter is

    Tim Eijmaal:
    Ik kom naast je liggen, slapen kan ik niet
    Ik hou je vast, maar voel verdriet
    Ik hoor je zeggen, het voelt zo vrij
    Dat je gelooft in mij
    Adembenemend, hoe je naast me ligt
    Je ogen die stralen, als...

A f AZ

  • A+Z

    Yeah yeah Word up (Yeah son) Yeah yo how this goin down nine-six How we livin son (exoticness) Nine-six exoticness (representin’) Know what I mean? (A+) A+ (yo how we livin?) This is New York City Ninety-seven Sosa A to Z up in the spot representin Tak...

Too $hort f Lil` Jon and the Eastside Bo

  • Quit Hatin` Pt. 1

    [Lil` Jon] Yea, yea, e-YEAHHHH! O-kayyyyyy - what, what? wha`, what, what? Lil` Jon and the motherfuckin Eastside Boyz! (Yeahhhh) Short Dawg! (YeahHHH) Once again at yo` ass (YEAHHHH!) Bitch!! (Yeah!) This go out to all the pussy niggaz (listen here) ...

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