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Obrien Michael

  • 1st Peter

    Praise be to God the Father of Jesus Christ Who has given us new birth Hope through a living Saviour to receive salvation of our souls Though we do not see we believe and are filled with His glory Just as our God is holy be the sa...


  • u-b the baddest

    Song/CD: U-B the baddest/Race Band/Performed by: Race/Paco Tabbed by/date: Vick Garbugli/00/06/24 Tuning/others:standard G:------------------------------------------ verse D:------------------------------------------ A:------------------------------...

racer x

  • 17th Moon

    [Jeff Martin, Paul Gilbert, Scott Travis] Spinning around its master Its master is setting it free Hurling into the void now Between the earth and he Sea of sulfurid acid Sky of ammonia and lead A monteraneous world Soon to be c...

Disney Channel Circle Of Stars

  • A Dream Is A Wish [Your Heart Makes]

    A Dream Is A Wish, yeah
    A dream is a wish your heart makes
    When you`re fast asleep
    In dreams you will loose your heartache
    Whatever you wish for you keep
    Have faith in your dreams and someday
    Your rainbo...

Ghostface Killah f Cappadonna, Raekwon t

  • Camay

    Intro: Ghostface (sample is Teddy Pendergrass) What`s happenin [love was never born to say, goodbye] what`s happenin [love was never born to say, goodbye] Yo, yeah! (Smokin?) Yeah.


  • dont fear me

    Less - Don`t fear me I---------------------------------------------------------------------------------I I---------------------------------------------------------------------------------I I-----------------------------------------------------------...

Obsidian Gate

  • Colossal Christhunt

    The grim visage of the night enthralls the vast silhoutette of ancient Rome, where in his glorious cruel palace the grand emperor resides in baptized blood.

Awol One (w Daddy Kev)

  • Agony

    I don`t want the television to make up my mind And I don`t want you to tell me what to do And I don`t want kids getting pregnant at fifteen And I don`t want you to keep stealin my shit And I don`t need sugar or salt or water or bone And I don`t surviv...


  • A Sua

    Time has turned this lie to true All the things Ive done I did to you But Im tired to live my life this way And some day Ill say the things I got to say Im tired of belleving in you, girl I tried to believe in you Cause youre so c...

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