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  • neva mend

    Neva Mend N O K T U R N L Tabbed By Aaron Bridgeman (rokken@sicness.net) http://bogans.arecool.net KEY: / = slide ^ = bend up a bit pm. = palm mute Tuning: Drop D (D A D G B e) This is basic. It might not all be here, but I think it is.

Tahiti 80

  • Desiree

    (cover of Left Banke) Everything returns again Both the laughter and the rain She is living somewhere for a while Still I ask her in my lonely way to stay Desiree Desiree Now she`s Leaving Desiree you know How it hurts me Li...


  • Fuck That

    [Bathgate] Now everybody put your middle finger in the air and repeat after me...(nah fuck that!) I`m tired of bitches riffin and trippin (nah fuck that!) You owe a nigga cause he went to prison (nah fuck that!) You ain`t giving head? Ma let me beat it...

D.I.T.C. (Diggin in the Crates)

  • D.I.T.C.

    [Diamond D] Now its the mad magician with the ill deposition No repetition holdin down Bronx tradition My composition simply squash the competition Step up and get beat into submission Cause this musician with the street intuition 7-35 fuel-injected tr...

Jackson 5

  • (i Know) I`m Losing You

    Your love is fadin`, I feel it fade Ah, your love is fadin`, I feel it fade Ah, your love is fadin`, woman I feel it fade Ah, woman, woman your touch, your touch has gone cold As if someone else controls your very soul I`ve fooled...


  • entropy

    ******************************** Nola ******************************** Entropy (Drop D Tuning) *********************************************** Nola is an awesome and incredible band from NJ.

Мурат Насыров

  • А море

    Ты лежала, загорала, На курорте отдыхала И, наверное мечтала, Что какой-нибудь испанец Или просто мексиканец Тебя встретит у причала. Но попадались все какие-то Обычные такие же, Которых ты и видела не мало.

Татьяна Королева

  • Возьми меня сейчас

    Возьми меня сейчас,
    Мой славный Агамемнон.
    Я -- Троя, я -- твоя
    На рубеже веков.
    Щиты мои крепки
    И неприступны стены,
    И я еще держусь
    По милости богов.

    Возьми меня, Атрид,
    Мой славный ...

B.G. f Lil` Wayne, Tec-9

  • Fuck Big Boy

    [First Verse-Tec-9] I`m back again, reppin` and I got my four ten Doin` you in when I creeps and spin the bin Now the heat is on I`m comin` to get`cha Went through the 17th and couldn`t even find ya Come to find out, that you were fat mouthin` and you...

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