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Fiend f Magic

  • Been Thru it All

    yeah nigga Fiend nigga Nineteen nigga nigga nigga what Me and Mr. Magic in this motherfucker And let yall know we done been thru it all (verse 1) Fiend I done been thru it all lettin the dope pop Meanin let that one drop We left and slung rocks Spi...

Goran Bregovic

  • Caje Sukarije

    Siof efta ochoto enja tak to wіaњnie ja
    Woіaj№ na mnie
    Cygan choж tak siк nie nazywam
    Bo komu to przeszkadza gdy imiк siк nie zgadza
    Dzieci z mojej ulicy musz№ siк ze mn№ liczyж
    Gino to wіaњnie ja siof efta ocho...

Adam F f Carl Thomas, Guru

  • Kaos * The Anti-Acoustic Warfare

    * send corrections to the typist Woooohoooo hoooooo hoooooooo yeah! [Guru] Huh huh ha Adam F on the track Speak guru representn` Yeah! Carl Thomas Everybody wants to be somebody you know Just be yourself man, stop trying to be like everybody else Fro...

Daniel LindstrцM

  • Another Love Song

    I turn a page
    and there they go again
    Into eachothers arms
    I read along, they seem so lucky
    A deep sigh as I put the book away

    I don`t need another lovesong
    I don`t need a happy end
    I can`t stand ...

johnson jack

  • bubbletoes

    BUBBLETOES guitar chords G 3 5 5 4 3 3 C X 3 5 5 5 3 D X 5 7 7 7 5 INTRO part 1 -------------------------------- -------------------------------- -------------------------------- -7--x-7--------9--x-9----------- -5--x-5-7--x-7-7--x-7-10--x-10-...

RZA f Crooked I, E-40, Jayo Felony, King

  • We Pop (Remix)

    [Intro: RZA (King Tech)] Yo, yo, P. Diddy might run this city But I walk down the block, flash my -- (Yo RZA, hold up, hold up) Yo what`s up son? (Yo, we gotta remix this joint) Yo, come on then (Yo, 40, it`s on you) [E-40] I gotta tell you, we ain`t ...

E-Money Bags f Maze, Mussolini, Noreaga

  • In E-Money Bags We Trust

    Verse 1: (Noreaga) We thugged out, outta state on some city shit keepin` it real while ya`ll niggas on some pretty shit what the dealy wit` you know I only smoke a Philly wit` famalama I got a bitch in Atlanta and everytime I fuck her yo it`s on camera...

Nakatomi Plaza

  • Bike Rock Revolution

    bike rock revolution and pot smoke conclusions at 2 am and we`re eating again at the same place we ate last night and i say we should have shared the fries what`s yours is mine did you know there`s a fence around every last mile of the U$A we`re not ok...

Trae f Yung Redd, Spice 1, Russell Lee,

  • In the Ghetto

    Yeeeeah [Hook: Russell Lee - 2x] In the ghetto, I`m living in a ghetto world In the ghetto (in the ghetto), it`s a struggle but I gotta maintain [Trae] Welcome to the ghetto, where forever be the same Hard times, got my people unable to maintain Ever...

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